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How to Destroy a Nation in (5) Years: Or What Other Nations are Saying about the Gov. Shut-Down

It’s apparently easy to destroy a Nation in only 5 years–just elect a biracial President and make sure a whole lot of other elected officials get sent to Washington in order to to block any program this biracial guy tries to get passed: and, if GOD FORBID, one of the programs squeaks through, gets passed, and is even upheld by the Supreme Court (like, The Affordable Care Act) either pretend like it never happened or, if that fails, finally go behind locked doors, swill down enough booze in order to have the guts to make yourselves look like the genuine asses you are, before you order a government shut-down.

What other Nations woke up to today,

The foreign press greeted news of the first U.S. government shutdown in 17 years with dismay and bemusement, but little surprise. From Russia to India to England, newspapers zeroed in on partisan polarization as the root of the budget impasse, citing possible impacts on world markets, security, and tourism.

India: The Indian press had strong feelings about the shutdown. “World holds breath as US government shutdown imminent,” The Times of India reported. Its business paper, The Economic Times, took a different tack: “US faces shutdown, ‘fiscal cliff’: It’s advantage India?” But don’t forget the home front: “Forget US shutdown, India might be on the verge of a shutdown,” fretted Shishir Asthana in the Business Standard. Indian business executives also told the Voice of America they could not understand how a developed country like the U.S. could shut down its government because of a legislative impasse.

China: China’s state-run Xinhua news agency warned tourists heading to America that popular destinations, such as national parks and monuments in Washington, D.C., might be closed. The Voice of America, noting that “the news of the shutdown was covered extensively by domestic media throughout Asia on Tuesday,” collated Chinese reactions that ranged from worried to almost comically optimistic. VoA interviewed Professor Chen Qi at the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy in Beijing, who “opined that if this had happened in another country, it might be more problematic, but he trusts that the maturity of the U.S. government and American politicians will ‘have the wisdom to come to a consensus and solve this issue smoothly,’ especially since they have been down this road numerous times previously.”

The United Kingdom: The British press, known for its arch reactions to crises, didn’t disappoint. “America shuts down,” blared The Daily Mail, Britain’s most notorious tabloid. “David Cameron warns on world growth as US government shuts down,” The Independent reported. “It is a risk to the world economy if the US can’t properly sort out its spending plans,” Cameron told BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday.

But perhaps the harshest coverage came from the stolid BBC. In a piece titled “US shutdown has other nations confused and concerned,” Anthony Zurcher wrote, “For most of the world, a government shutdown is very bad news – the result of revolution, invasion or disaster. Even in the middle of its ongoing civil war, the Syrian government has continued to pay its bills and workers’ wages. That leaders of one of the most powerful nations on earth willingly provoked a crisis that suspends public services and decreases economic growth is astonishing to many…Now, as the latest shutdown crisis plays out, policymakers in other nations are left to ponder the worldwide impact of the impasse.”

Russia: The state-run media, naturally, had a field day. The Moscow Times, an independent paper, summarized the reaction: “The budgetary battle made headlines in Russian media on Monday. “The ‘Elephants’ Are Robbing the U.S. Government,” read a headline in the government-run Rossiiskaya Gazeta, referring to the symbol for the Republican Party. The state television broadcaster Vesti cautioned, “The U.S. government may be left penniless on Tuesday.” The Times itself worried about the effect of “federal government without money” on “the issuance of U.S. visas to Russians or support to cosmonauts on the International Space Station.”

Germany: The German press erupted in criticism for American politicians on Tuesday. Der Spiegel Online proclaimed, “A superpower has paralyzed itself,” while The Welt predicted “fatal consequences” that could damage the U.S. recovery. The Zeit newspaper blamed a “handful of radicals,” stating, “A small group of uncompromising Republican ideologues in the House of Representatives are principally responsive for this disaster. They are not only taking their own party to the brink, but the whole country. Unfortunately the leadership of this party has neither had the courage nor the backbone to put them in their place.”

France: France’s Le Monde called the shutdown “grotesque” and noted that American cemeteries in France will be closed. On the editorial page, Le Monde dramaticallylamented, “Jefferson, wake up, they’ve gone crazy!”

More at How The World Sees The Government Shutdown

No big deal, right? What’s another 1.5 billion dollars, which is what I recall was the amount of money it cost to START back up all the programs closed down after the last Government shutdown 17 years ago…

Some of the “best” stories concerning this shutdown have been at Christian news sources–with titles like, “Should Christians Even Care about the ACA?”.  These include news stories which tell us we should fight alongside our conservative “brothers and sisters” in defeating this program, because….(fill in the blank) or “ObamaCare and the Arrogance of Liberalism”, which compares those (nasty liberals) who care that others will finally be able to have affordable healthcare, to Lucifer.

I’m so glad, and more so every day that passes, that this world is not my home,

This world is not my home I’m just a passing through
My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue
The angels beckon me from heaven’s open door
And I can’t feel at home in this world anymore
Oh Lord you know I have no friend like you
If heaven’s not my home then Lord what will I do
The angels beckon me from heaven’s open door
And I can’t feel at home in this world anymore


One comment on “How to Destroy a Nation in (5) Years: Or What Other Nations are Saying about the Gov. Shut-Down

  1. I’m not entirely sure they themselves know what it is they are opposing, or what it is they hope to accomplish. All that weighs heavily on their minds is that if Obama is involved somehow, it must be the work of the anti-Christ or some other Devil. That’s really all that it’s about. The hatred towards Obama is pathological, and they would oppose him even if he did something they, under other circumstances, would greatly enjoy.

    I was pretty upset reading all their little propaganda they put out. Like with the WWII memorial. They’re so cynical that they managed to turn it into a photo-op, and claimed Obama is at fault for the close down, but they, the heroic ones, will make sure it stays open. What’s so dishonest about it is that the government shut down is, in fact, their strategy. And it’ll be interesting to see how far these hypocrites will take it, and what kind of games they will play in the meantime.

    It is my firm hope that they lose. Not because of any support for ACA (though I’m curious how it will work, and perhaps it will not be so bad, though I’ve not studied the matter. I’m in Texas, so we do not have the medicade expansion, which means it might not be so great for me), or even because I’m concerned about the economy (I’d be indifferent even if the whole world came crashing down around me! And why should I fear? Is God not in control? Is God not the God of providence? The God who raises up nations and brings others down? Who can open what God has shut, or close what He has opened? Away then with this faithless fear these “Christians” have as they throw themselves into hysteria over a piece of legislation!). I hope they lose because so many Christians have wedded themselves to politics, and these fools, who are so far removed from God, imagine that God is with them even as they apologize for the LDS, or use dishonest means to get their goals, or make merry with every heretic the devil vomits out, so long as they share the same political goals. I want their delusions crushed. I want them to feel despair that their political/religious hopes and dreams for this country cannot come true. I want them to give up all hope of ever achieving their Utopian dreams, because their dreams, and Christ’s Kingdom, are far removed from each other.

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