Pat Robertson: If You Tithe You Won’t Have Health Or Financial Problems

Never understood where folks like Robertson get this idea. It falls into the same lying bag of false teachings which claim when Christians become ill it’s because of sin in the sick person’s life. There’s only one word for such unbiblical nonsense:


Today on the 700 Club, Pat Robertson told an elderly viewer who has been tithing since childhood that she wouldn’t have health issues, and therefore medical expenses, if she was tithing properly. The viewer said that she and her husband are “retired and living on a small pension and Social Security income” and “barely have any money” because of her husband’s medical expenses.

She asked Robertson if it would be “wrong to use [tithe] money towards medical expenses instead?”

Seeing that Robertson insisted that even people about to fall into bankruptcy must continue to tithe, we were not surprised that Robertson told the viewer no. In fact, Robertson went as far as to say that as long as she tithes she will stay healthy and as a result not even encounter medical bills.

Citing Malachi, Robertson said: “Your husband has all these medical problems because the ‘devour’ has not been rebuked. You need to rebuke him. You give your tithes faithfully and God said, ‘I will rebuke the devour,’ the person that is eating up your money and eating up your health. So you want to be healthy? That’s a promise in the Word.”

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12 comments on “Pat Robertson: If You Tithe You Won’t Have Health Or Financial Problems

  1. My theological word for such nonsense is ‘baloney.’ Paying tithes will not keep you healthy or out of financial ruin. God is in control and can do what he wishes with what belongs to him.

  2. These teachings sicken me. And it also makes me sad that the followers of such garbage cannot read their Bibles in context to see that they are being fed manure. What a burden they must carry. What must they think of a god who would care so little for his children? Now if only they would turn to the Living God …

  3. Jesus fought all our battles for us in hell, we have that same victory over the attacks of Satan. If we are truly walking out our life within the statues of God, we receive the Devine protection of Father God. Cancer and the like does not come from God. Living outside of God’s statues opens the door for evil to attack. Yes, Christians can become victims of evil when they open the door to it. They bring the curse on themselves and their families. We are to tithe, 10% actually as we know, but give what you can, and God does bless you in many ways. We can never out give our Father God. Amen!

    • Tithing or giving for that matter, is not a guarantee that we as followers of Christ, will never suffer illness’ or life threatening diseases. Many fine Christians down through the ages and today, suffer from illness and for any false teacher to try to convince them that its because of unrepentant sin being present in their lives is not only deplorable it is the work of the original accuser, satan. Death and illness, sickness, and a whole host of other things entered into this world because of original sin:

      We suffer the consequences of Adam’s disobedience and have inherited a sinful nature from him (Rom. 5:12-23). The Bible states that “. . . through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned,” (Rom. 5:12). {All Bible quotes are from the NASB} Adam sinned. We didn’t. He was in the Garden of Eden. We were not. When we face God on the day of judgment, the Lord won’t say to us, “Adam sinned, so you are going to pay for it.” We are responsible for our own sins, not the sins of others.

      On the other hand, we are affected by Adam’s sin. This is how. Before the fall, Adam was sinless, perfect, and good (Gen. 1:31). He had a ‘good’ nature. But, after the fall, he became a sinner. His nature was changed from ‘good’ to ‘bad.’ Since we are his children, we inherit his sinful nature (Rom. 5:12). In this sense, we suffer for what Adam did; that is, he caused his descendants to have sinful natures and all of us suffer because of it. This is called original sin. It means that we have inherited a sinful nature and that all of what we are as individuals (mind, body, soul, spirit, emotions, and thought) is touched by sin. But this does not mean that we are as sinful as we can be. After all, God has written His Law on our hearts (Rom. 1:19; 2:15).

      In addition, creation was also affected by the fall. God had given dominion of the world to Adam. Adam sinned and sin entered the “world” as it says in Romans 5:12. That means that death entered the world along with disease, pestilence, earthquakes, famine, etc. They all have their root in the fall. That is why the Bible states that creation is longing for its redemption (Rom. 8:18-22).


  4. It has reached the point where a man can read from Grimm’s fairy tales and call it Bible teaching. And he will get rich to boot. However there is coming a day…

  5. Spiritual malpractice!

  6. Horse feathers? Baloney? No, sorry:



  7. Name it and Claim it dominionism. Just tell God what He has to do and He must do it. So then who is on the Throne?

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