Todd Bentley to Rick Joyner: It Rained Gold During Our Revival In South Africa

My first response to reading any of these type of reports is to ask why? Why would God “rain gold”, glitter, feathers, etc. And how would this lift up Jesus, draw people to Christ, or even reveal God’s power?  The answer is always the same–it does none of this things. Sadly, all Todd has done is take his magic show to a different continent. 

Where I may differ with many of you is I don’t necessarily write all these things off as out and out stunts perpetrated by man: I think in some instances (with a few of these guys…Bentley in particular) “something” does occur, its just not of God. Bentley has always been one, as far back as Lakeland, who is so deeply entrenched in looking for and expecting these type of “signs” (gold dust, feathers, etc.) that satan obliges him by producing them for him and his audience. 

Todd is unable to differentiate what is or isn’t of God any more, “if” in fact he ever could. 


Back in 2008, a revival broke out in Lakeland, Florida led by Charismatic preacher Todd Bentley during which thousands of people supposedly found God, had visions, and experienced divine healings of various diseases. Shortly thereafter, Bentley fell from grace when he divorced his wife and married another women.

Rick Joyner, a close friend of Bentley’s, then set about “restoring” Bentley so that he could eventually “be fully released back into ministry.”

And that restoration process must have been a smashing success, because Joyner had Bentley on his “Prophetic Perspective on Current Events” program this week to discuss another revival that he just led in South Africa during which the “Winds of Change Angel” touched Bentley’s current wife, causing her to become covered in gold that she could not wash off.

Everywhere they went, Bentley said, everything was covered in gold, from their hotel rooms to the airplanes upon which they flew and even the meeting rooms where they met with local pastors.

“I had one meeting where we were in worship,” Bentley said, “and you could see the Cloud of Glory with open eyes and it rained gold.  When I say it rained gold, Rick, I actually saw it almost looked like snowflakes of gold coming down”


9 comments on “Todd Bentley to Rick Joyner: It Rained Gold During Our Revival In South Africa

  1. I absolutely agree with you, and I think his ministry is from the pit. Have a look at the fruit he bears. Is that the mark of a Christian? Kicking old women in the head with his biker boots? Having an affair whilst on his so called revival? Leaving his wife and kids for the woman he’s having an affair with? ‘You’ll know them by their fruits’ Matthew 7:16a. Well Todd’s ‘fruits’ are quite evident yet he is still accepted in these Christian circles. Quite shocking.

  2. Dear Todd, How can we miss you if you won’t go away?

    (yes I know that line was stolen) 😀

  3. This guy is nuts and is worse than a laughingstock. One of my adventures in West Africa was moving some gold “dust” to a refinery in Belguim.

    Folks don’t be fooled! I have in my possession a small bar of gold melted from a small bottle of gold dust I brought home with me. Gold dust is a dense metal and heavy. If you’d like PJ, you can ask our friend George to come and see it and he’ll assure Gold dust is very heavy. Gold dust would sting you if it fell or rained on you like Todd says it did and being metal it wouldn’t have the fine property of dust as he describes there in the video clip. Plus the price per ounce of gold these days listening to Todd Bentley describe what he experienced that gold dust would be worth several thousands of dollars worth it just to vacuuming it up and selling it! Not even fools gold is light in weigh so I can’t attribute what he’s saying that this dust is as fool’s gold. He is delusional and what he’s saying is absolutely false.

    Well duh! 🙂

  4. Does this mean he didn’t need to take up an offering?

  5. What? No video, no pics? No samples?
    Any reports other than Bentleys?

    Could check with the airline, someone had to clean up the plane.:^)

    • Aha! Yes you’d certainly think if a plane crew found gold sprinkled all over after a flight, it would have made the news. 🙂

      (good one Bene!)

  6. Todd’s back just in time for Halloween.

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