When a Belief is Questioned (why is anger a first response?)

Interesting article at Patheos by Benjamin Corey. I agree with him, it’s not really anger it’s fear.

Why is it that when our beliefs, theology, or long held doctrine is called into question, its easy to experience anger as a first response?

…why do we get angry simply because someone holds different theological views than we do?

The answer I think I’ve arrived at, is that we actually don’t— we get scared. Like many other fears, this emotion manifests itself in irrational forms, and the way it plays out simply looks like anger. But, its not. It’s fear.

When we encounter someone who has, what sounds to be a reasonable and convincing view on a particular theology that challenges one of ours, we get scared. The more our mind tells us that the alternative position sounds good, the more scared we get. The subconscious question then becomes: “If I’m wrong about this, what else am I wrong about?”

Speaking as a once ‘card-carrying’ dispensationalist-fundy I understand this type of fear personally. It wasn’t pleasant, to say the least, to realize many of the precious doctrines I held dear for many years “might” be wrong–in fact, unbiblical. But I was determined to push ahead in my studies because I honestly wanted the truth more then I wanted to hold on to “doctrines held dear for years”.  And Im glad I did. My house of self-erected theology may have lost a few floors but the foundation stayed intact, and for the first time God began to build the house. Guess you could say my house is STILL under construction and will most likely still be in the process of being built by God until the day I leave this world (or Jesus returns).

As will yours my friends-for not a one of us has all our theological ducks in a row ‘YET’. If you believe you do, my suggestion is to check your humility meter.

See, When Belief is Questioned (why is anger a first response?)


2 comments on “When a Belief is Questioned (why is anger a first response?)

  1. Benjamin Corey makes a great point and one that I’ve never considered. I always assumed it was anger caused by pride, but his view makes more sense.

    How do we become reasonable when that fear grips us?

    • Steve, just speaking from my own experience i think its that inner desire to have the truth which will keep us plugging ahead even when it makes us uncomfortable.

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