Now THIS is Hypocrisy with a Capital “H”

The tone of this news article is a tad too gritty for my taste but I must say it does point out the sheer hypocrisy of some of those running for public office.

Greg Collett, a Tea-Party candidate and devout Mormon from the state of Idaho, is running for state office in 2014.  He opposes government interference with healthcare so of course is 100% against the Affordable Care Act–but here’s the hypocrisy: Collett and his wife have been blessed with 10 children, who are all on Medicaid!

The weird thing is there will be plenty of Tea Party supporters who will not see the sheer hypocrisy in this…

Its actually kind of funny….

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3 comments on “Now THIS is Hypocrisy with a Capital “H”

  1. While I am in general agreement with the goals of the Tea Party (smaller, less intrusive government and lower taxes) I agree this is hypocrisy.

  2. It’s not gritty it’s angry, ugly and inaccurate. There blogs like that on both sides, they only divide us more.

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