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Sign of the Times…

Just musing here folks…

Recently, while reading through a few threads at a number of Christian discussion boards, I came upon this topic posted at Rapture Ready:  Anybody’s church going pro-Palestinian?

We don’t hear a lot about the small number of Palestinian Christians who have decided to stay put…many have, as you know, left the area for reasons due to occupational policies, so the number of Palestinian Christians is quite small today; (see Palestinian Christians dwindling in number due to political situation).  Due to this, I was interested to read the comments under this post at Rapture Ready….to possibly gain some information about the remaining believers.

What a disappointment. Though the number of comments were few, not one even mentioned the fact there ARE Palestinian Christians! The topic seemed more geared to the disgust these commenters felt at any American Church even acknowledging Palestine, or Palestinians period.  As one commenter lamented,

There aren’t many who really support Jesus and Israel in the same breath these days.

“Jesus and Israel in the same breath…”

In other words, equal in importance.

Like I said, just musing…


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