The Christian Zionist Movement Is in Panic Mode

Another good message from Adam at Pursuing Truth

“A smile attack is much better than a lie attack. Mr. Netanyahu and his colleagues have been saying since 1991 – and you can refer to your records – that Iran is six months away from a nuclear weapon. And we are how many years, 22 years after that? And they are still saying we are six months away from nuclear weapons. We are not seeking nuclear weapons, so we’re not six months, six years, or 60 years away from nuclear weapons.” -Javad Zarif, Foreign Minister of Iran, late September 2013

The installation of Iran’s newest president, Hassan Rouhani, has been met with some rather fascinating (and, to me, disgusting) reactions from the Christian Zionist movement. As President Rouhani and other Iranian leaders speak of Iran’s desire for peace and a world free of nuclear weapons, numerous Christian Zionist leaders have locked arms tightly with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in loudly and repeatedly denouncing President Rouhani as a wolf in sheep’s clothing who can’t be trusted.

It’s clear that a moderate Iranian president simply won’t serve the interests of either Zionism or Christian Zionism. These movements, which are nearly joined at the hip, need a rabid, fire-breathing, foaming-at-the-mouth, anti-semitic, holocaust-denying maniac at Iran’s helm in order to effectively push their cause. (For that matter, they also need barbaric Palestinian leaders in order to advance other elements of their cause.) Iran’s failure to elect such an individual this year has apparently been a major cause for panic.

It’s one thing if this behavior characterizes Zionism. It’s another thing when it characterizes “Christian Zionism.” By the name of this movement, one could be forgiven for believing that it aims to follow the teachings of Christ, the One who said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God” (Matthew 5:9).

When’s the last time a Christian Zionist leader highlighted the peacemaking efforts of a Palestinian individual toward the Jewish community? (Such efforts do exist.) How about the peacemaking efforts of Jewish individuals toward the Palestinian community? (These also exist.) When’s the last time a Christian Zionist leader pronounced blessings upon the Iranian people and their leaders, wishing for their peace and well-being?

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The title Adam chose for his post really caught my attention for I had just spent the past hour reading a few articles which do indeed confirm, “The Christian Zionist Movement Is in Panic Mode”.  

For instance,

In an email sent out from The Jerusalem Connection Report today, was the link to this article, The Arab Israeli peace process is over. Enter the era of chaos, which makes it fairly clear that not everyone is thrilled that the US President seems to be signaling the US pulling back…or playing a smaller role, in the Middle East. The tone of the article is fascinating. Somehow by the end of the article, you’re led to believe America will be held accountable for anything bad which “may” transpire…

From a link found at the same website I also read, Christian Support for ‘Palestinian Cause’ Ascendant

An interview with an American Christian commentator published by Israeli media this week reveals just how far the Evangelical Church has moved into the “Palestinian camp” when it comes to the Middle East conflict.

For decades, Israel’s most stalwart supporters were to be found among Evangelical Christians, the bulk of whom saw the rebirth of the Jewish state as a fulfillment of biblical prophecy and evidence of God’s faithfulness.

But a new generation of Evangelical leaders are “committed to spreading the Palestinian version of the conflict,” said Jim Fletcher, a long-time Christian publisher, in an interview published to Israel National News. “These pro-Palestinian leaders currently control the narrative within the Church.”

According to Fletcher, there is a “massive effort…in the heart of the American Evangelical Church to lure its members to the Palestinian side.” As a result of that effort, it is now “severely mistaken to think that all Evangelicals are pro-Israel.” …

“To my knowledge, there are no broad-based Evangelical leaders in the U.S. who will speak out about this problem, which is developing into an epidemic,” said Fletcher, warning in conclusion that “the way things are going, support will completely flip from Israel to the Palestinians in the next generation.”

For those of us sitting in Israel, there is another worrying effect: more and more Israelis are starting to feel that, once again, they cannot trust or rely on Christians.

The mere fact that this interview was published on a religious Israeli media website demonstrates that Israeli Jews see the strong wall of Christian support eroding, and as a result the bonds that were built up over the past century are beginning to unravel.

You can read it all here

The interview with Fletcher with the Israel National News, mentioned in the above quote, is interesting, 

“A massive effort is going on in the heart of the American Evangelical Church to lure its members to the Palestinian side. There are approximately 100 million self-identifying Evangelicals in the U.S, of which a much smaller number is actively connected with their faith. There are probably about 15 million engaged Evangelical Millennials.

“It is severely mistaken to think that all Evangelicals are pro-Israel. Millennials are constantly being targeted with the Palestinian narrative through media, conferences, mentoring relationships, book publishing and social networks. Frequently shown films are: ‘Little Town of Bethlehem’ and ‘With God on Our Side.’”

‘If something isn’t done soon, in 10 years, pro-Israel support among American Evangelicals will all be over.’ The way things are going, support will completely flip from Israel to the Palestinians in the next generation. The so-called ‘Christian Palestinianists’ are currently way ahead of Christian Zionists in the propaganda wars.”

Read it all here

The Christian Zionist movement IS in panic mode. Not only due to reasons pointed out by Adam, but because many Christians are having the scales removed, and suddenly they realize, “Hey! not only is there a whole other side to this story, but more importantly, there are lost people on both sides…AND Christians on both sides of this on-going Israeli/Palestinian conflict….so just “maybe” as a follower of Jesus, I need to think about that”  This truth folks, is one the ‘Christian’ Zionist movement has worked hard to keep you from thinking about.

And as far as Iran, which Christian Zionists want to see blown to kingdom-come, as Adam points out,

….. Among them are a growing number of believers – our brothers and sisters in Christ. Elam Ministries, founded by Iranian believers in 1988, reports on the present phenomenal growth of the church in Iran:

“Tell me about Jesus! Do you have Bibles?” This is the continuous cry of Muslim-Iranians, especially the youth, who literally flock around you in the street, like moths to the only light in the night… A quiet revival is sweeping through the country… Christians have sent in hundreds of thousands of New Testaments into Iran, but the demand dwarfs the supply. According to the church of Iran, if more than 10 million Persian New Testaments were available, it would still not be enough.

Reza Safa, a former Shiite Muslim whose television program broadcasts into Iran, shares a similar testimony. J. Lee Grady, a Charisma editor, also highlighted the spiritual breakthroughs in Iran in a 2010 report titled “God’s Strategic Plan for Iran,” calling for believers to look upon Iran with compassion instead of wishing for Iran to be bombed.

In a panic mode?… they should be, for more Christians in the west are waking up. 



4 comments on “The Christian Zionist Movement Is in Panic Mode

  1. Those who claim to follow the prince of Peace are fomenting war.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I hope you are correct but I’m afraid it’s really only a remnant coming to the knowledge of the truth. The Zionist deception is one of the most difficult from which to extricate oneself because it is so deeply ingrained into the psyche of western Evangelicals.

    BTW – warnings about an imminent Iranian nuclear threat go back over 30 years

    • Thank God for the remnant Steve.

      It gives me hope that more, over time, will have their eyes opened.

      Though i wouldn’t have called myself a Christian Zionist, in reality many of my dispensationalist beliefs would have, at one time, placed me in the group. Looking back it’s evident now that the many unanswered questions i began to have about the teachings was the Spirit of God leading me out of deception and into the truth.

      This is what i hope and pray is occurring with many others today–that they too, are at least beginning to question a theology which has many followers who discourage evangelizing Jews, or promotes violence and even wars, due to false prophetic interpretations/teachings they have been taught were biblical.

      Thanks for the link!

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