How Nationalism Has Changed the Faith

I’d like to encourage any and all who drop by here today to read Rick Frueh’s post at Following Judah’s Lion. 

How Nationalism Has Changed the Faith


2 comments on “How Nationalism Has Changed the Faith

  1. That post could be one of the most relevant posts in recent history. The fact that Americans believe Christians are cold and hard is in fact our fault. The face of Christ that America sees is the protestors and the groups that boycott everything.

    America needs no boycotts or protests, but they do need more love and mercy. Instead of protesting a gay rights parade, let’s provide them with water and food. When gays or abortionists are protesting against us, let’s provide them with shade and water. Let’s give comfort and provide for needs. Isn’t that what Jesus taught?

    • That post could be one of the most relevant posts in recent history.

      Steve, i agree. Too bad and can’t be published and sent out to every professing Christian in America.

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