Palestinian children die in settler attack

When I read about how strongly Christian Zionists and their Organizations continue to support the illegal Israeli Settlements, and then read stories like this one, I wonder…..


At least five Palestinian children have suffocated after Israeli settlers burned down their house in a village, north of the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Palestine News Network (PNN) reported on Thursday that the incident took place when a group of settlers attacked the house of the Palestinian villagers, breaking its windows and setting it on fire.

The settlers also wrote racist words on the walls.
The report added that three other adults suffered injuries in the brutal incident.
Such attacks are common across the occupied West Bank as Israeli settlers have on numerous occasions desecrated mosques and vandalized Palestinian cemeteries.

Israeli troops usually refuse to intervene to prevent such acts of aggression.


2 comments on “Palestinian children die in settler attack

    • Thanks for the link Rick. What needless deaths….

      I had sat here and written out a comment but lost it (my computer froze)…i wept as i wrote it, but maybe it wasn’t suppose to get posted. I don’t often share my heart at the blog. This must not have been the right time to start.

      God bless you brother Rick

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