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Israel Lobbies Senators to Oppose U.S. Policy on Iran

From the Jewish liberal blog, Tikun Olam, comes an interesting, but not surprising, article written by journalist Richard Silverstein.


Man, if this doesn’t take the cake!  Buzzfeed reports that GOP senators publicly avowed that Israeli diplomats had lobbied them to oppose U.S. policy toward Iran.  While I don’t want to make the case that lobbies or lobbyists are evil incarnate since they seem to be as American as Wall Street (or apple pie); this strikes me as, if not a reasonable facsimile of treason, then at least a foreign government intruding on U.S. sovereignty.

Israel intensive and intrusive lobbying campaign against the Obama administration was precisely the reason why I published Shamai Leibowitz’s top secret documents, which confirmed these sorts of slimy Israeli government tactics in this country to gin up a war against Iran.


There are a number of very troubling issues here: first, that Israel’s government has taken upon itself to lobby intensively for policies opposed by the current administration; second, that U.S. senators would readily attend such lobbying sessions with foreign government officials and use the briefing material offered them in order to shape their own views; third, that a U.S. senator would admit that he’d been briefed, even indirectly, by a foreign intelligence service; fourth, that a U.S. senator believes the Mossad’s views about the Iranian nuclear program represent those of a “pretty good intelligence service.”

Imagine the shoe on the other foot: Ambassador Dan Shapiro goes to the Knesset with a group of U.S. diplomats trailed by CIA analysts in order to lobby MKs on behalf of a Palestinian state or against further settlement expansion.  There would be such a hue and cry from both the far-right MKs and the Israeli populace, that Shapiro would be sent back to his embassy compound and made persona non grata.  But for Israel to do the same here is considered de rigueur.

Don’t know about you, but I’m with Kerry on this: he’s the U.S. secretary of state and every time he attempts to represent the U.S. administration’s view on the Iran talks or the dangers of more sanctions, he’s told by U.S. senators what the Israelis say or the Israelis want.  Why wouldn’t you tell them to stop listening to the Israelis?  In fact, is it the job of U.S. senators to represent Israeli interests or U.S. interests?  And would torpedoing a nuclear agreement be in Israel’s interests of America’s??  I know the answers to those questions and I assume you do too.  But apparently Bob Corker and Mark Kirk believe they were elected by the citizens of Israel to the U.S. senate.  I hope their actual constituents might bring them to their senses with a close primary or general election race.

Full article can be read here: Israel Lobbies Senators to Oppose U.S. Policy on Iran


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