Prophecy: Another Form of American Entertainment

Excellent post from Rick at Following Judah’s Lion

I Pet.4: 7 But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.

One of the most overt manifestation of the hypocrisy and hollow wind within the church is the evangelical construct of studying prophecy. Imagine a family attends a certain evangelical church which is hosting a prophecy conference with special music and a few noted speakers who have written books and sell CDs and are considered experts on prophecy. The family prepares themselves, gets into their cars, and heads for church. They do not pray or fast together in order to beseech the Spirit to use the conference to change them. They just like all the rest are somewhat excited about hearing exciting theories about the sign of the times and the return of Christ.

So this family arrives at the church and follows the parking attendant’s instructions about where to park their cars. As they walk to the front door they greet friends and fellow members and they find some good seats inside. People are chit chatting about this or that and there is a low grade noise of conversation. At the set hour the pastor welcomes everyone and recognizes visitors and asks them to fill out cards later. The music begins. The speakers present all kinds of what if theories which are very interesting and even thought provoking. An invitation is given and then the service ends. There are many materials on sale written by the speakers.

This family drives home and fixes something to eat in the kitchen and some watch some television in the living room while the teenage kids retire to their own rooms. The next day they all get up and do what they always do on a Tuesday morning. There is nothing special and no change in their lives and only a quickly fading mention of the meeting. And the church maintenance crew readies the auditorium for Sunday morning just as they do every week. No call for fasting; no solemn assembly; no prayer meetings; nothing out of the ordinary.

So as we consider that narrative which is representative of many thousands each year, what are we to make of such a thing? What are we to think when professing believers gather to hear about the soon return of Christ complete with all kinds of signs and events that prove His imminent return and yet people go on living their lives just as they had before?

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3 comments on “Prophecy: Another Form of American Entertainment

  1. Paul’s words to Timothy concerning perilous times being expected in the last days, came to me when reading Rick’s question(s) above, especially verse 7:

    “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth”

    For if we really believed Jesus could come at any moment, our daily lives would reflect it–by our words and most importantly, by our actions. I think many of us have failed to “come to the knowledge of the truth”. One of these important truths is the failure to possess a ” biblically developed” fear of God. Instead we spend our time chasing after (and seeking to learn about) every new thing coming down the pike.

    just a thought….

  2. With around 25 plus % of the bible dealing with prophetic utterances, its a topic that christians ignore at their own peril. But that said, much of what passes today as prophetic study is little more than subjective sensationalism that has provided a handy income for the likes of Hal Lindsey and Tim LaHaye.My christian life turned around the day I discarded my premillenial /dispensational bent , and began reading and interpreting the bible as the author intended. What I began to comprehend was a church already under judgement by way of false gospels , false teachers and false prophets, and no revival in sight, just a perseverance of the saints till the end.I’m all for the study of prophecy, and for me , it all began with Matthew 7:21;

    Not every one that says unto me Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that does the will of my Father who is in heaven.

    • My christian life turned around the day I discarded my premillenial /dispensational bent , and began reading and interpreting the bible as the author intended.

      Amen mondoray. It was as though the word of God suddenly opened up…and many things i had not understood, suddenly became clear.

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