‘Armor Bearer Is Not a Biblical Church Office,’ Says Fla. Pastor in Viral Post

Man Oh Man, if this didn’t drudge up memories. (Steve, from Apostasy Watch posted about this at Facebook)

Years ago at a Church my family and I attended, we had this young woman who considered herself a “prophetess”…yep, one of those. At one of the monthly Women’s Ministry meetings she up and announces she has been ‘told by God’ that she needs armor bearers: you know, a few female sheeple to be at her beck and call 24/7, to carry her bible, to be personal protecters…”shields” (as she called them), etc. Thankfully I was absent from this meeting but received all the crazy details afterwards from a confused close friend and sister in the Lord, who happened to be there that night. You can imagine the dust this kicked up among many in the Church (especially the women) after this announcement was made.

Like this pastor, I told my friend there was no such office or “ministry” called “Armor Bearer” found in the New Testament; That this young self-proclaiming (false) prophetess was deluded, and only seeking to elevate herself in the the Church.

That was the first and only time I’d ever heard of this…until now.

Is this one of the newest of the “new things” today…some phony ministry or office called being another’s ‘armor bearer?’

From the CPost

A Florida pastor has sparked an online debate about a church role – armor bearer – often tied to the Bible but yet is not described in the New Testament as an actual church position or office. His post, having attracted nearly 8,000 Facebook “likes,” challenges the concept of such a position that is usually tailored to assist pastors and that can involve tasks like serving as a personal bodyguard or carrying a preacher’s Bible.

“Let me [be] clear. It is good for men to have hearts and hands to serve in the church. And it is good when men are willing to serve their pastor. Every man should have another man in his life that he submits to. But I wonder if all this ‘armor bearer’ stuff is taking things too far,” Charles continues in his post titled “Armor Bearer is NOT a Biblical Church Office!”

Some Biblical passages referenced in laying out the role of an armor bearer, usually the person tasked with carrying weapons for a commander, include Judges 9:54, 1 Samuel 16:12, 2 Samuel 18:15, among other verses. But these Old Testament passages, says Charles, have no bearing on New Testament church administration.

“There are two biblical offices in the New Testament church: elders and deacons. Elders serve by leading. Deacons lead by serving,” he adds in the blog post.

“As pastors, we should model Christlike humility and servanthood. We should labor to nurture biblical church leadership. Our goal should be congregational health, not personal comfort.

The subject has resonated with readers, as over 140 commenters have visited Charles’ website to weigh in on the use of armor bearers in churches.

Pastor Charles told The Christian Post Monday that although his comments were made in September, the armor bearer post has become the most read article he has written since 2005. He shared that in the past four days alone, “Armor Bearer is NOT a Biblical Church Office!” has attracted 25,000 hits. In addition to spreading across Facebook, the post has been re-posted on several Christian websites and forums.

More, with video



4 comments on “‘Armor Bearer Is Not a Biblical Church Office,’ Says Fla. Pastor in Viral Post

  1. When you are helping to move a dresser you are an armoire bearer.

  2. Hahahahaha! I do NOT want to be an armoire bearer. They are much too heavy. Best comment ever.

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