A Word from Bob Jones: “America has forgotten Kate Smith’s song…” Again.

Bob’s wanting us to listen to Kate Smith again… 

The Elijah List

Bob Jones:

God Bless America

While in a trance on the afternoon of July 26, 2008, Bob heard the audible voice of God say, “America has forgotten Kate Smith’s song…God Bless America! They are cursing America more than blessing her with their words. Their words have power. I have not forgotten her; I love her. If they don’t begin to bless America, she will go down!”

Now again this year, on November 18th, the Lord rebuked Bob by saying, “You pray for everything else, but you’ve forgotten to pray for America. It’s time to decree the blessings of God over this nation. People are issuing false decrees against her, and this is not My desire. Now begin to bless America and I will heal her land.”

God Has A Plan For America

We must pray to cancel the power and authority of the spoken word that would not be in alignment with God’s divine will and destiny for this nation. We have a great heritage in this nation. Our forefathers dedicated their lives and died in bravery to ensure our freedom. Our Constitution was framed by the words of Christian men dedicated to guarantee all Americans’ freedom. Let us not forget their words and deeds; indeed, let us remember the fortitude of these brave fathers who worked together to form our Constitution allowing us to be free. We are “yet” one nation under God dedicated by our fathers for His service. Let us pray and release the blessings of our heritage that our forefathers died for.

God loves America; she supports Israel, and that is His wife. We must be diligent to pray for Israel as well. I believe that God blesses America because she blesses Israel and Israel is the apple of His eye. We need to cancel the power and authority of the spoken word against her. It’s always been a matter of birthright. The devil wants Israel, but she belongs to God.

Kate Smith’s Song:

God bless America,
Land that I love.
Stand beside her, and guide her
Thru the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless America, My home, sweet home.

Pray That God Blesses America

We need to continually pray for our nation: God bless America! We desperately need His blessings. There are many nations who don’t bless America; instead, they curse it. The United States is comprised of many nations (ethnic groups) that dwell within her, but there are some of those nations that refuse to bless America. They actually curse her, as it is their plan to see her destroyed, but we can bless America. We need to love those people groups and pray for their salvation. Pray they will begin to see that God loves them and this nation.

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10 comments on “A Word from Bob Jones: “America has forgotten Kate Smith’s song…” Again.

  1. Reminds me of a paper I read (when doing research for a paper a few weeks ago) titled “Why Demons came when Faustus called them.” It discussed the Reformed view of witchcraft in those days, which rejected the old superstitious view of there being magical power in words, but instead saw spells as being quite vain. The devils show up, not because of the summoner’s words, but because they sensed a sucker.

    I sense Bob may be a sucker too!

    • The devils show up, not because of the summoner’s words, but because they sensed a sucker.

      I sense Bob may be a sucker too!

      Yes, i agree.

      By the way, your paper sounds very interesting. Feel free to share from it Ricardo.

  2. Here he sits in all his glory, the man of sin who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.

    Do you see it? God is not sovereign over the nations, we are sovereign. We have the power. He cannot bless us until we allow it. He cannot stop curses until we decree it. The creator of the universe is impotent without us to do His bidding. The son of perdition sits in the temple declaring his greatness, showing himself that he is god and there is no other.

  3. The The Elijah List, yet another non-prophet organization.

  4. The modern American phenomenon of nation worship continues. Bob Jones is not only a false prophet but he is a self centered weirdo. But here is the amazing part in all of this. Orthodox men who dismiss Bob Jones as a false prophet still hold hands with him as it pertains to loving America and Israel.

    • Amen, they do. I was thinking about this ‘nation worship’ the other night (of both America and Israel) and realized how similar it is to what caused many of the Jews to stumble at Jesus’ first coming.

      Like most of the Jews 2000 years ago, many American Christians today are looking for the restoration of a literal ‘land’…today that land is America: and in many cases, Israel as well. They, like the Jews all those years ago believe this will eradicate all evil and establish God’s kingdom on earth.

      I may not be explaining it very well…but do you know what i mean?

  5. The biggest thing that struck me when I saw this from The Elijah List the other day was Bob’s claim that Israel is God’s wife. What?! I guess God was single between 70 AD and 1948 when there was no nation called Israel. The body of Christ wasn’t/isn’t good enough for God, apparently, but thankfully He has been remarried now for the last 65 years (sarcasm).

    It was the second time in less than a week that I saw this claim about God being married to Israel (meaning national Israel). The first was from Perry Stone on Sid Roth’s show. What Perry said sounded even worse. Lord willing, I’ll be posting on it within the next couple days or so..

    • I guess God was single between 70 AD and 1948 when there was no nation called Israel.

      Ahaha! Wonder how those who believe like Bob and Perry Stone do, would explain that? 🙂

      I have heard that before. Believe it’s something like this: Israel is God’s wife and the Church is Jesus’ bride. Frankly, i’ve never understood it. It’s always appeared to be part of the teachings which promote different eternal destinies for (believing) Jews and believing non-Jews/gentiles.

      Check out this short article on the topic: Church Betrothed to Christ

      If you notice who is being quoted in this article, im sure you’ll notice they are all well known dispensationalists.

      This, in my opinion, is a failure to understand the ‘Church’ in the old testament, and how all believers: those who lived under the old covenant and those now (and for the last 2000 yrs) under the new covenant, make up the one true ‘Israel’.

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