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Netanyahu Rebuts Obama: Wants Military Threats

This man acts more and more like a warmonger.

Recently I read that former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert claimed Netanyahu has and is, interfering in US politics,

Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warned that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s aggressive quarrel with the Obama administration over the agreement with Iran signed in Geneva endangers Israel, and panned Netanyahu for “losing his head.” Olmert accused the prime minister of “declaring war on the United States” and of attempting to incite the Congress against U.S. President Barack Obama.

Olmert said both his government and that of his predecessor Ariel Sharon wished to avoid public confrontation with the American administration over Iran.

“At no stage did we want to do battle with Israel’s number one ally and to incite the Congress against the president,” he said. Olmert called Netanyahu’s acts and statements unprecedented. “The danger and the potential damage from it are incomparably larger” than the value of the public debate with the United States, he said.

Later he said: “It is possible to stand on every platform and tell the president of the United States ‘you do what we think since if not, we will do all sorts of things.’ Is there one president who can accept these warnings that came from Jerusalem? Is this serious?”

Olmert also claimed that Netanyahu openly intervened against Obama in the U.S. presidential elections last year, a move he termed a “historic mistake.” He also attacked Netanyahu’s wooing of Russia, and asked rhetorically: “Will Putin give us $3 billion in military aid a year?” (source)

And it appears he is continuing to interfere in US foreign policy making,

President Obama believes diplomacy is the key to success with Iran, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes that is not the way to go.

One day after Obama argued that Iran can’t be compelled to give up its entire nuclear infrastructure, Netanyahu insisted that military threats and economic penalties could compel Tehran to surrender what it views as a national treasure.

“We shouldn’t assume that more and tougher sanctions won’t lead to a better deal,” Netanyahu said in an address by satellite link to the Brookings Institution’s annual Saban Forum, a Mideast policy conference organized by Los Angeles businessman and Democratic fundraiser Haim Saban. Netanyahu called for intensified economic penalties on Iran and a halt to the easing of pressure on the Islamic Republic that he said has followed a preliminary international deal to curb its nuclear program. “Steps must be taken to prevent further erosion of sanctions,” he said. (source)

Netanyahu reminds me of a child throwing  a temper tantrum…


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