Controversial preacher Harold Camping dies at 92

OAKLAND, Calif. – The radio preacher who predicted “Judgment Day” would come in May 2011 has died in northern California.

A statement released late Monday by his Family Radio network says Harold Camping “passed on to glory” at 5:30 p.m. PT Sunday. He was 92. The statement revealed Camping had a fall at his home November 30, but he was in weak health due to a stroke since 2011.

Camping gained a national following through the Family Radio network of stations he helped found in 1959. He conducted daily on-air Bible studies and hosted a nightly “Open Forum” call-in show about Bible questions. The network includes a station in Emporia.

But Camping became an international laughingstock when he warned “Judgment Day” would occur May 21, 2011 with the second coming of Jesus Christ. He went on to say the world would end October 21, 2011.

Camping admitted to reporters he was “flabbergasted” when his prediction proved false. Donations to his ministry dropped noticeably after that, and Family Radio was forced to sell several of its most powerful FM stations to stay afloat financially.

The Family Radio statement notes Camping is survived by a wife of 71 years.



2 comments on “Controversial preacher Harold Camping dies at 92

  1. I will always remember him as the great man of God he was before he fell into the end time nonsense. I take comfort in the fact that he finally repented and owned up to his error. While I feel sorrow for those who where hurt in the process, all too many of them should have known better and bear at least some responsibility for not seeing through the whole charade. Fortunately for Mr Camping, and all of the rest of us, we serve a merciful God who has made provision for ALL of our sins through the blood of His beloved Son. I have great confidence that Harold Camping is with our Lord in heaven, still waiting for the day when the end shall come.

    • Amen George. At the website where i originally read this story, i was taken aback by the number of comments which stated ‘Camping is now in hell’, etc. As i wrote on facebook under this story, if our salvation is determined by having all predictions come to pass, i can think of a long list of Christians who are on the fast-track to hell.

      Camping was by far not the only ‘date-setter’. Another example is Hal Lindsey: wonder if these same people who believe Camping is in hell today for his wrong predictions would be as quick to ‘doom’ Lindsey to the same end? I seriously doubt it.

      While I feel sorrow for those who where hurt in the process, all too many of them should have known better and bear at least some responsibility


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