r-MENENDEZ-hugeAnyone willing to wager on the likelihood of America being involved in another war by the end of 2014? 

Two Democratic senators, Robert Menendez and Chuck Schumer (along with Republican warhorse Mark Kirk), are circulating a bill that would hamstring the Obama administration’s ability to negotiate with Iran by broadening sanctions. And the bill would compel the U.S. to stand behind Israel if it chooses to attack Iran.

See: Iran Sanctions Bill From Sens. Bob Menendez And Mark Kirk Could Endanger U.S. Negotiations


Foreign Policy’ blames AIPAC for warmongering Iran bill

These senators know which side their bread is buttered on, and who $upplie$ the butter 


8 comments on “WAR

  1. I used to be of the opinion that war was the only solution to the matter, but when this deal came out, I thought, “Wow, so it really IS possible to solve the problem.” I was marveling to myself how a Democratic president could resolve what was, not too long ago, seemingly insoluble. Mind, it hasn’t been settled YET, but getting them to talk and getting the inspectors in, I thought that was spectacular.

    But now, this? And from Democratic senators too? Doesn’t bode well.

  2. Now come on generals lets move fast,
    Your big chance is here at last.
    Tonite you go out and get those Muslims cuz the only good Muslim is one that’s dead,
    You know that peace can only be won, when you blow em all to kingdom come.

    Well it’s 1, 2, 3, what are we fightin’ for…

  3. I’ve been astounded over the years at the insanity over Iran. At first, even before I began following Jesus, I thought Iran was the hellbent, theocratic priest-state. That Ahmadinejad was a smile and suit over a Hitler 2.0. Then Iran, the so-called Mullah controlled tyranny, elects Rouhani and finally signs this nuclear deal. I had already moved away from the Conservative anti-Iranian fantasy long before this happened, but it only confirms my 180.

    Does this mean Iran is an innocent and perfectly just nation? No way, they have their own designs for empire. That virus has been in Persian veins for millenia, and in the grand scale, Persia (either under Medo-Persians, or the Parthians, or the Saffavids, or the Pahlavi etc) will reclaim her ancient domain as a power broker in Central Asia.

    But we, especially christians, in America are pretty blind to the designs of our own empire. The whole world over sees it but we who live under the tide of propaganda. I suppose the best we can hope is that power-play gridlock allows for the longest stint of peace before these principalities rip into each other.

    Yet even Assyria had a divine hook in its mouth. Even wicked beasts somehow ending up serving the Lord’s purposes. That one I don’t quite understand, and it’s hard to fathom, but Jesus is Lord. Only hope to hold onto.


  4. What we have are a group of puppets in congress (on both sides of the isle) who are working diligently to destroy the Iran nuclear negotiations, not in order to insure the best interests of the Nation they were elected to serve, but to insure their own personal interests in getting reelected. Lets face the facts folks–Israel wants a war with Iran. And those like Robert Menendez (among many others in both parties) receive a considerable amount of money from the Israeli lobby group AIPAC.

    See Senator Robert Menendez’s speech at AIPAC

    Its a sad state of affairs to realize many United States elected officials are, and have been for years, putting the interests of another nation/state first, before the interests of America. If you read any of the polls, Americans do not want a war with Iran, or any new war anywhere….they are war weary, as one writer commented. But this does not seem to hold any weight with these senators. What ‘we’ want or don’t want doesn’t matter.

    Like i wrote above–follow the money. Those who are having their pockets lined with money from organizations who represent outside “forces”, are those willing to blow up this deal and start another war.

  5. I’m going to open up a bit more about my past involvement in the world of Iran.

    First, you are right on the money to say “follow the money”.

    I spent some time on the 28th floor of One Rockefeller Center in an unmarked office suite. Inside this towering building are the NBC studios but not on this floor. You are there by invitation only. You have to be brought in because there are no business placards on doors or numbers to know what’s behind the door or “who” works in these suites. I got an education from a now private citizen about the back channel goings on when it comes to Iran in one of the inner office suites on Floor 28.

    Most people don’t know about the Shaw of Iran and his downfall and how the United States got him out of Iran when they did. When his time came Nelson Rockefeller, then Vice President of the United States and former Governor of New York sent his personal emissary on his private jet to pick up the Shaw. After leaving Iran they flew around until the United States could figure out where the Shaw could settle down to live out his remaining days? Remember he was battling cancer. I believe he ended up in Ciaro, Egypt. What the Shaw brought on board that jet that day was three trunks full of billions of dollars in assets. Use your imagination what those assets were. The Shaw made this man, the personal assistant to Rockefeller, swear to secure safety for his three children and see to it each one got a trunk. Each one were set up for life and I know one son ended up in the Washington D.C. Area where he lives to this day. Be sure of this he as well as his siblings have their hands in what’s going on in Iran.

    Also one time a couple years later I met with then President Rafsingani’s nephew. He was a gentle man. Ali Zehadian was looking for some markets for their “family” business and thought I could help them in some places of the world I frequented. I was a Christian and I knew he was Muslim so I asked him about him doing business with Christians? He said I had nothing to worry about. They did business with whoever wherever there was money to be made!

    He called me a few times from Tehran and I him from here in California. Of course nothing could be done between us because of the boycott that prohibited US citizens doing business with Iranian companies. Apparently that means nothing to politicians?

    Both these groups are part of opposing political forces in Iran. Both do billion dollar business. Both groups would just as soon eliminate each other and Christians UNLESS there is money to be made!

    We live in a world whose system is mammon and whose god is Satan. God allows room for rebellion. He has one plan and one plan only to deal with both the world and her system as well as her god, Satan!

    God is patient not willing that any should perish!

    • We live in a world whose system is mammon and whose god is Satan. God allows room for rebellion. He has one plan and one plan only to deal with both the world and her system as well as her god, Satan!

      God is patient not willing that any should perish!

      Amen on all counts.

      If anyone is interested in reading a portion of senator Menendez’s Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act, read this…then tell me, if this does not get vetoed by the president, will we be at war with Iran by this time next year?

      If the Government of Israel is compelled to take military action in legitimate self-defense against Iran’s nuclear weapon program, the United States Government should stand with Israel and provide, in accordance with the law of the United States and the constitutional responsibility of Congress to authorize the use of military force, diplomatic, military, and economic support to the Government of Israel in its defense of its territory, people, and existence;

      see full press release here

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