White House to Dems: Admit You Want War

Good for the White House! Call these warmongers out into the light and force them to admit they want war. Perhaps the public will finally find out the real reason why these senators are pushing so hard…

White House Dares Democratic Senators Pushing Iran Sanctions To Admit They Want War


8 comments on “White House to Dems: Admit You Want War

  1. It’s not just politicians who want war. It’s preachers and professing believers who would gladly support an armed conflict. In almost every evangelical church they recognize veterans and current military men and women during a service. They do not recognize teachers or plumbers or truck drivers. They recognize and applaud military people. It is all part of the nationalistic fervor within the church. The lines between the kingdom of God’s dear Son and the kingdom of this world have become so blurred that there are no lines anymore.

    • The lines between the kingdom of God’s dear Son and the kingdom of this world have become so blurred that there are no lines anymore.

      Henry, you’re right. The line use to be so distinct, but not any more. You still see it…and i believe i do too. I have to (with hope and prayer) believe there is still a segment of professing believers who also can still distinguish the line; Those that the bible has always referred to as the remnant.

      You mentioned its also professing believers and preachers wanting war. Yes, and it distresses me terribly to read what many of them are saying about it. A few days ago i happened upon an old article at Haaretz, from 2012. It was about a recent CUFI (Christians United for Israel) rally that had taken place in Washington DC.

      Read John Hagee’s words below, as he stood in front of this large group composed of Christians, politicians, and unsaved Jews,

      “Supporting Israel is not a political issue, it’s a Bible issue”, Pastor Hagee exclaimed. “There is only one way to live your life – the Bible way or the wrong way.”

      Later on, he said: “Can we support peace agreement that doesn’t provide Israel with defensible borders? The green line is not a defensible border.”

      Hagee turned to the subject of Iran, adding that “sanctions on Iran are mostly smoke. The Obama administration wants to make them even weaker. All twenty of Iran’s major trading partners got exemptions from sanctions. [Secretary of Defense] Leon Panetta is exposing Israel’s secret airbases.”

      “Wouldn’t it be better if the two nations would join forces and remove the nuclear threat?” asked Hagee.

      See full article: Inside the Christians United for Israel rally: Unconditional support for Israel: American Christians from all over the U.S. attend gathering; largely unmoved over MK tearing up New Testament.
      By Natasha Mozgovaya – Jul. 18, 2012

      Hagee is not alone in this belief–he and 100’s (perhaps 1000’s!) of other pastors in America believe this as well…that we should declare war, along-side Israel, on Iran. In fact these same pastors are outraged that we haven’t already done it! This was said by Hagee (in the article) almost 2 yrs ago, and he’s been pushing for war with Iran ever since. His congregation, as well as all the other congregations under these same-minded pastors, have been hearing this kind of talk from their pastors, for years. War has been taught right in our churches Henry…the desire to bring death to a people and their nation.

      When my health began to fail a few years ago i was unable to get out and attend church for some time. While staying out, for what i believed then, was to be a short period of time, the Spirit let me know i was to stay out permanently. I never went back. At first it was hard. I missed what church had become to me (the fellowship, meetings, etc etc). I struggled for many months, not knowing where i belonged. One day in prayer, again asking God if i wasn’t to return, “who was i and where DID i belong”, the Spirit spoke and said ‘Jaunita, you are where I want you, you are in the Beloved”. I’ve never asked or wondered if im doing the right thing since… i know walking away was the right action for me. I say, ‘for me’, for i would never try to encourage another to follow suit. But i do believe God is calling many out Henry.

      Don’t know why i felt to share that…but did.

  2. Hi PJ, It is good to write about these things so that other like minded believers can be encouraged and comforted. I too am in the same situation regarding “church”. This has been a great grief to me, but the Lord knows, and He has been my so needed strong comfort for many a day now. Thank you for sharing.

    I too have noticed the accolades given to the military in church services. I was shocked the first time that I observed it. I think it was around 2000. Then after further exposure I realized that this was the norm in most churches, not the exception.

    These are the days that the believer is living in.

    • Hi Cathy…was just thinking about you last week, wondering how you and Bill were doing.

      Church services today do appear more like patriotic gatherings, then places where we come together to worship God.I too started noticing this some years ago. I can recall first questioning the flags being suddenly so prominently displayed at a church i was attending. Both the US flag and the Israeli flag: one on each side of the platform. It confused, and frankly, offended me. You may recall i posted a topic about flags being displayed in church and the overwhelming response that post got. aha. Many were outraged and upset with me when i wrote i thought it was wrong. I still believe its wrong.

      There are many today trying to do away with the separation of Church and State. Christian and political leaders. In many ways they are succeeding. As Henry pointed out, the line is certainly been blurred between the two and many now worship both.

  3. It’ll be a shame if even Democrat senators work to undermine the progress made with Iran. If Iran can’t stick to the deal, well, that’s their problem, and there will be consequences. But why put the United States into the position of going to war when there were other options?

    We are a blind people who, quite frankly, very rarely know what is good for us.

    • Ricardo i agree, blindness has definitely overtaken many. It’s frightening to watch.

      Pray for me as i pray for you Ricardo, that we continue to “see” clearly. This is a season when God’s people need to pray for each other.

  4. I’ll definitely pray for us, dear sister!

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