Isn’t this Plain Silliness?

I’m all for words of encouragement; It IS important for members of the body of Christ to lift each other up, when possible, and encourage each other. But this type of stuff is just plain silly…especially when presented as a “prophetic word”.

From The Elijah List: Prophetic Word For 2014 from Doug Addison

Happy Birthday

This year everyone will receive a new gift from God on his or her birthday. This might be a greater measure of the gifts you already have, new gifts of healing, prophecy, serving, etc. So get ready to receive birthday presents with a greater level of God’s presence. You can expect a present of God’s presence.

Gifts and Callings Rearranged

In the same spirit of giving, this year God is freeing up gifts and callings that have been given to people who have stopped using them or from people who have gone to Heaven. Many of these spiritual gifts and callings will be given to those who have been humble, seeking God, and have not built themselves up nor have operated in pride. God is lifting up those who have been humble. Some of them are the least expected. Those who receive these gifts and callings will have a sudden acceleration in their life, ministry, or businesses. But people who have been building their lives, ministries, and using others for their own gain will experience decline. God’s love is still with them, but they will no longer have the edge they once had.

There’s much more, if interested, at the link provided.

I mean, come on…this in no way remotely qualifies as anything to do with the prophetic, it’s actually silliness. So, we’re all going to receive a new spiritual gift on our birthdays…and what, is he saying God is ‘freeing up’ gifts and callings from those who have passed on from this world in order to redistribute them to the living? This is nonsense. How in the world do folks buy-into something so dumb, believing it’s a “prophetic” word? Are there folks out there today that gullible?

To make this even more hilarious is this guy’s credentials listed at the end;

Doug Addison is a prophetic dream interpreter, speaker, writer, Life Coach, and stand-up comedian. Doug travels the world bringing a message of love, hope, and having fun!

A stand-up comedian. Can’t you just imagine–Elijah, Jeremiah, or one of the other old Bible prophets, being known for not only speaking for God, but for standing before the people and also cranking out a few one-liners as a stand-up comedian.


8 comments on “Isn’t this Plain Silliness?

  1. Reblogged this on The Diary of a Slave.

  2. It continues to be all about us. A prophetic word that “all of us will deny self and sacrifice much for Christ this year” would not be popular.

  3. Oh waaaa! My birthday isn’t until the end of November! I have live most of this year without receiving a gift! It’s just not fair, REALLY! Grrrrrrrrrfrrfffffffffffffffrrrrtttteefttdddfghhrfhjkfdfhhgf!!!!!!!! Now after that I’m positive God just won’t give me a gift!

    Oh wait, if He doesn’t then that guy’s a false prophet!!!!!!

    grrrrrrrrrrffffffgrrrrrrrtttttteeefttdddfghrfhjkfdfhhff!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. Wow now I understand. I used to be able to speak in tongues, now (since my birthday) I speak in two tongues. 🙂 (joking) I’m glad the FREED UP that gift. I guess He was running out of gifts to give and took it away from an unrepentant Philistine and gave it to me because I’m more righteous and deserving (more joking). Or maybe somebody had it on lay-away to long.

  5. It would be silly but for the fact there are so many people, like me, who are dumb and gullible to believe! I’m somewhat embarrassed and humbled by these things because I remember foolishly believing this stuff.

    It was experiencing the real move of the prophetic Spirit through men and seeing their Words come to pass that helped sharpen my senses to discern the good from the bad.

    Now whenever I encounter this foolishness I ask for the Spirit of Grace and Truth to reveal it in such a way that the Truth becomes evident and The Lord is glorified.

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