Just a quick note in response to my absence the past few days and lack of posting.

This week I’m having a few tests done at our local hospital. Luckily I live right across the road from St. E’s hospital so no over-night stays were/are necessary.

These were not planned but came about pretty quickly after visiting one of my doctors for what I thought was a routine visit. Monday I had a biopsy and the past few days have been in the process of being “drained” of my blood supply, ahaha! Least it seems like it. Anyway, it’s been a frantic week, and just wanted anyone who regularly stops by to know I’m still here and haven’t forsaken the blog.

Hope everyone is safe and sound, especially if you’ve been in the path of the most recent snow/ice storms. We were hit pretty heavily with over an inch of ice on top of a few inches of snow yesterday and last night. Some of our main roads are closed down. Everyone around here was concerned about a possible power-outage but Praise God, that was avoided! Though we did have a few scattered areas which experienced a loss of power for a few hours–last I heard everyone’s power was back on….in time for the next predicted winter storm, due this week-end. Whoopee!

I’m around and will be posting as I can folks…

God bless you all!

9 comments on “Greetings!

  1. Hope your test come back with a good report. God Bless You and Keep You Well. Sharon.

    • Thank you Sharon. Whatever the results i know God will bring me through…He always has.

      God bless you sister…

  2. Praying for all things to be healed!

  3. Been busy and away a bit and just came across this Pj, so sorry you are suffering. You know we have never been promised a life of no burdens (despite what the prosperity lot tell us) 😉 But we HAVE been promised that HE will never leave us or forsake us and is able to keep that which we have committed to Him.
    We commit you to him beloved and pray for everything to turn out well for you,
    Love and Blessings xx

    • Hi Sylvia, happy to see you’ve made it back home safely!

      Yes, amen. Burdens and suffering is part of life, even as followers of Jesus. I’m so very grateful though to know He understands and comforts us all-the-more during these seasons.

      I have to laugh sometimes, and this was one of those times. You may recall my posting a couple years back about back surgery? Well it seems like every time the doctor and i begin the process going so i can finally get it, something else is “discovered” and it gets pushed back. Told a friend recently im beginning to get the idea im not suppose to have it. ahahaha….

      Anyway, thank you for the loving words (and prayer–i know you pray). I have one more day of tests (Monday) and hopefully that will be the end of trips back and forth to the hospital. Least for awhile. 🙂

      I won’t get the results of the biopsy and other tests until a week from this monday.

      love you sister…

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