Our Hiding Place: Blessed Rock of Ages

After posting the latest news item below, the old song “Hide me Rock of Ages” came to mind.  Actually the words ‘Hide me Lord’ came out of my mouth in a prayerful whisper. I don’t know about you, but I’m so very grateful there is a place to go to when overwhelmed by the things we see and hear about daily…it’s called your and my version of a prayer closet, and it’s there we’ll find Jesus and comfort. Things around us are not going to get better folks, not until Jesus returns, and we’re going to find we need to go to that hiding place more and more as time goes on and this world grows darker.

Oh, thou blessed rock of ages
Hiding my dear soul indeed
When the storm around me rages
Rock of ages hide thou me

Hide me, oh, blessed rock of ages
‘Till Thy blessed face I see
When the storm around me rages
Rock of ages, hide thou me

When my journey is completed
And there’s no more work to do
Jesus guide my weary spirit
Happy land beyond the blue

Hide me, oh, blessed rock of ages
‘Till Thy blessed face I see
When the storm around me rages
Rock of ages, hide thou me

Hide me, oh, blessed rock of ages
‘Till Thy blessed face I see
When the storm around me rages
Rock of ages, hide thou me

Rock of ages, hide thou me

God bless…just musing today


8 comments on “Our Hiding Place: Blessed Rock of Ages

  1. Hey PJ, what do you know about Israel transferring some of the Holy Land to the Pope in May? If this happens wouldn’t you say this is quite significant regarding end time prophecy? Let me know what you think.

    • Hi! (just sent you an email! aha)

      You know, i can recall reading a couple similar stories about 8 yrs back…that the (then) Pope, or rather the Vatican, was purchasing land in Israel in order to build a second Vatican. It came out that it wasn’t true. As far as the Pope’s up-coming visit in May, i couldn’t find anything about Israel transferring land to the Pope except one news story from January in which some rabbi Ariel has accused the Israeli government of plans to “cede several sites in ancient Jerusalem to Muslim and Christian ownership” and “During the Pope’s next visit they plan to transfer the Cenacle on Mount Zion to him, turning it into a pilgrimage site.”

      Story can be found here

      Could this be what you heard?

      From another website (and article) which wrote last year about “conflicting reports over the future of the Upper Room (Cenacle Shrine)” i read this (don’t know if its factual):

      For the record, the Chief Rabbinate’s office expressed a position on the matter back in 2009:

      “According to halacha, it is prohibited for any person to assist in transferring property in the land of Israel to the Vatican in the holy places that are the heart and essence of the people of Israel.”

      The official position of the Jewish state, as reported in the Israeli press over the last few years, has maintained that;

      “Israel will not give up sovereignty over any of the [Christian] holy places,”, and that Israel “will remain firm in its stance to maintain ownership of the room in which the Last Supper is believed to be held, which is on Mount Zion next to King David’s tomb.”

      You’d think this action would be garnering headlines on all Israeli news sites, but i haven’t read it anywhere else. I’ll keep looking for anything more about it in the coming days…i read at Haaretz and Israel Today most every evening.

    • Hi PJ, will look into those links after breakfast. Thanks for your help. If all of this is genuine, then the next few years should prove to be quite interesting.

    • Interesting indeed!

      I’ll be watching to see if you put a post together on this (get your updates through my email feed). Will keep my eyes peeled for any further items and will pass them on to you.

    • My goodness, those two articles were a mouthful. I should have cut them up smaller. 🙂
      I will reread them again, but as to writing my own article, I don’t feel able to do justice to this breaking story. It is exciting to watch these events unfold, and will keep my own eyes open to any developments that occur. Of course, when you put out a post on this subject I will be sure to reblog to get it out more.

      Keep one eye on the ground and one eye on the heavens, eh?

    • Keep one eye on the ground and one eye on the heavens, eh?


      If there’s anything to this, im sure we’ll start to see more about it leading up to the Pope’s planned visit in May.

    • Check out my latest post on the Papacy. You probably know all of this already but it sure was an eye-opener for me.

    • Thanks! will do!!

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