Obamacare Will Be Repealed Because ‘God Listens To His People’

Source; RWW

Last year, Rep. Michele Bachmann told James Dobson that “God is going to answer our prayers and bring about the repeal of Obamacare” … and it looks like she is maintaining her faith, asserting that if Christians will pray, God will deliver the Senate to Republicans in the midterm election so that the party can finally repeal Obamacare.

Speaking with the American Family Association’s Sandy Rios, Bachmann declared that “God listens to his people and I think if believers humble themselves, confess their sins, and pray, I think God hears from us, hears our hearts and He moves, He moves in miraculous ways.”

This story reminded me of a story posted a year ago concerning James Dobson–you may recall he was so heart-broken at the results of the last election he bewailed that,

‘Nearly Everything I Have Stood for these Past 35 Years Went Down to Defeat’

The Dobsons and Michele Bachmanns of this world have this strange idea that all it takes to ‘make’ things come about their way, is to ask God to do it. In other words, other Christians (who may be praying just as hard, for an opposite result) don’t matter–and most importantly, God’s will doesn’t matter either!

Some people believe to include, “Nevertheless Lord, thy will be done”, is showing a lack of faith. I don’t believe it is. What it is saying is that regardless of our want or desire, our ultimate desire is to see God’s will accomplished in the situation. Why? Because we’re acknowledging He knows best.

I don’t think the Bachmanns and Dobsons of this world see prayer in the same way I do…


10 comments on “Obamacare Will Be Repealed Because ‘God Listens To His People’

  1. People are going to hell and God is interested in Obamacare? Michelle Bachman is a crazy voice.

  2. Jesus didn’t teach us to pray “Our Father Who art in Heaven, my earthly desires on earth be done in Heaven, my will on earth be done in Heaven!” And be sure others do my will not theirs and Yours!! Give me this day what blesses me, smite everyone who does not forgive me, lead me into the things that are pleasurable to me and deliver me to the position in this life all evil backs off! In Your Humble Name I insist on my way, amen!

    • No he sure didn’t Michael, but listening to some of these folks you’d think thats exactly what he taught.

      Wonder if the way they believe about prayer is part of the dominionist belief system?

  3. Hi PJ. I am praying that health care for all is implemented fully. What people do not understand is we pay for the uninsured anyway. They show up sick at ER’s who are obligated to treat them. Furthermore, our Lord Jesus was all about healing the sick, and I do not remember him refusing anyone or charging a fee.

    • luci, im praying with you. I’m sure there are things which need to be worked out in the current way in which it’s set up, but my prayer is that these issues can be worked though and fixed so all Americans can have health care insurance.

  4. I suspect this just could be a case of “be careful what you pray for”. Just a few years back, George Bush was the most hated man in America, now it is Barack Obama. And now it looks like the Republicans are looking for another shot at the position. Health care in America was a train wreck before anyone ever heard of ACA or Obamacare, and it is still a train wreck because the ACA has not fixed the problem, just redistributed the costs. The reality remains that if the cost of milk had gone up as much as the cost of health care over the last few decades, a gallon of milk would cost of $50.00. And the Republicans are going to repeal Obamacare … and do what? The problem is the rapid and continuous rise in the cost of health care. And neither party is willing to address the real problem. In a way, I really do hope that they repeal Obamacare, if only for the reason that they then won’t have Obama to kick around anymore. Instead THEY will be the ones having to face an enraged public. But like luci, I feel VERY sorry for those with health issues who have to suffer from all this meaningless political posturing and determined reluctance to do a single thing to actually fix the problem. But of course fixing the problem would require an interruption of the flow of wealth that the health care industry produces from their captive customer base that has no choice but to pay, pay, and pay.

  5. Now now now George! They could pray pray and pray and Jesus could heal them free of charge!

    John 16:23 In that day you will ask nothing of me. Truly, truly, I say to you, whatever you ask of the Father in my name, he will give it to you.
    24 Until now you have asked nothing in my name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.

    • That is why I said “be careful WHAT you pray for”. I am not so sure that preying on the other side’s misfortunes is a valid form of prayer and I am even less convinced that it accomplishes anything useful, so perhaps both sides have come to the point where they can’t tell the difference between “preying” and “praying”.

    • The best thing to do, is if led to pray about it one way or the other is to do just that–pray, and then leave it in God’s hands.

      Don’t you agree?

  6. If this name- it and– claim it, God- has- to- do- what- I- te-ll Him stuff worked, why is Bob Jones dead?

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