Bob Jones Passes Away

You can read of the passing of Bob Jones, who’s history included being one of the original Kansas City Prophets, at Charisma


6 comments on “Bob Jones Passes Away

  1. I don’t know the man personally. I know about him and the Kansas City prophets. I was in Kansas City in I believe Mike Bickle’s church at about 5:30 a.m. October 1989. I was visiting my friend and co-worker of the National Call to Prayer, Dr. BJ Wilhite. I flew down from Chicago the day before to meet with Dr. Wilhite about something. He was doing a prayer training that week in Kansas City. He convinced me to stay over and be a part of an early morning prayer conference he was conducting for Church Pastors and their leaderships from around Kansas City. I agreed since they agreed to put me up in the hotel he and others were staying and pay the ticket change penalty. We got to the church around 5 a.m. and began praying. The sanctuary began filling up so it was packed by about 6:30 a.m.. I began sensing the refreshing presence of The Lord and began praying. I pray with my eyes open and was standing a couple feet from a wall when the wall seemed to become a movie screen. I was looking at images on the wall and it seemed as though I was up in the air in an airplane or suspended over the San Francisco Bay looking northwest! I could see clearly all the bridges and major cities of San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco. I then began praying for the entire region and as I prayed “out loud” Lord touch this region, touch lives and shake it Lord, shake this region, touch lives and bring Your Power on these people so they call upon Your Name. As I prayed it seemed the power of God increased in intensity! I kept praying and praying and as I prayed I could hear others pray out loud as well asking God to shake up the Bay Area! The other thing I noticed is as the Spirit began moving people began leaving! When the Spirit lifted or the intensity wasn’t as thick or intense there was just five or six of us left in the room!

    About three hours later I boarded a plane back to Chicago. My wife picked me up at the airport with a friend of mine. They informed me I would be having dinner at that friend’s that night. Chicago time is two hours ahead of West coast time and dinner was at 7 p.m.. We got there about 6:30 p.m. for some pre dinner fellowship, me and Pat, my friend while my wife helped Jeanne, his wife and my other friend, fix dinner. Right at 7 we were sitting down to eat and I had the high honor of praying for the food and dinner fellowship. As I began praying Pat’s mother, who lived in the downstairs apartment of this brownstone began yelling loudly which interrupted me stopping me in the middle of praying for the meal. Jeanne and my wife hurried down the adjoining stairwell to see why Pat’s mom was yelling. They came back up saying something was going on in the Bay Area but they didn’t know what. Pat’s mom was watching the live broadcast of the World Series when the signal cut out then the local channel began reporting the breaking news of a major earthquake in the area; and to stay tuned for more information.

    Now the Bob Jones connection. He was in the Bay Area for some ministry and asked my friend, a former elder of my church who started his own church ministry in San Francisco, to take him on the loop drive so they could drive around the Bay Area crossing the bridges, the San Mateo Bridge then the Golden Gate then the Richmond then back over the Oakland Bay bridge. He, Bob Jones, woke up that morning with a desire to spend that day going around and around crossing the bridges and intercede for the area. They were on the Oakland Bay bridge when the earthquake struck!

    Like I said, I don’t know the man just know of him. Ive never met him. But I do know my co-worker minister friend who was driving him that day!

    Also, I’ve heard some amazing stories about the man, some highly odd in nature things he has done or prayed or prophesied.

    He’s either a beloved brother with Jesus in Paradise washed, sanctified and justified, or, he’s a con with some spiritual abilities roasting like a stuck pig over an open flame, now!

    I hope to pass into the Glorious Presence of Jesus when I pass on on that day! Not really sure at that time if I’m going to be very interested in knowing if Bob Jones made it? There’s a fair amount of beloved loved ones I know personally that have gone before me I’m more interested in seeing after about 20,000 Angel years in the blessed prostrate position before the Thrones of Glory!

    That’s my Bob Jones story and I’m sticking to it!

    • That’s my Bob Jones story and I’m sticking to it!

      And a good one Michael, thanks for sharing it!

      All i knew of the man was what i read about him.

      Like you said, he’s either with Jesus tonight…or not.

  2. I feel no sense of satisfaction when a heretic dies. I only pray he repented before he stands before the One he misrepresented and used.

    • No, i don’t either Henry, i feel only sadness.

      As far as Bob Jones, frankly i always thought he wasn’t ‘all there’. If you know what i mean.

  3. In 1999 Bob Jones claimed to have had a vision which foretold the election of GW Bush to the presidency. In this vision, the Lord showed Bob if Bush got elected to a second term, he would end abortion!!

    Furthermore Jones claimed Bush would appoint 3 Supreme Court Justices during his 2nd term. The Lord also showed Bob that in his second term, George Bush would open the door to a godly successor who would be in office for two terms and would usher in full-blown, historic revival! America would thus be blessed by sixteen years of mercy and grace. Should this not occur, (the election of Bush to a 2nd term) our nation will surely face the judgments of God in increasing measure for our sins.

    Bush’s two terms have come and gone. Abortion continues in America. Bush appointed 2 not 3 SC justices in his second term. I will leave it to the reader to decide whether or not Barack Obama is that godly successor who is ushering in a full blown historic revival.

    That’s my Bob Jones story, and I’m sticking to it

    • Aha! and a good story too Steve.

      Thanks for the reminder concerning a few (of many) words or prophecies Bob proclaimed which never came to pass.

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