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Here a ‘blood moon, there a ‘blood moon’….

The internet has been ablaze for weeks with John Hagee’s book and predictions concerning “The Four Blood Moons”–the latest I see is an article at Charisma’s “Standing With Israel” section, in which we’re now told, these ‘blood moons’ are most likely “A divine sign for Israel“. Knowing Hagee is an ultra-dispensationalist and card-carrying Christian Zionist, what else could they be? (I’m being sarcastic)

Anyway, Steve at Apostasy Watch linked to a very good well-written message this week, concerning all the hoopla concerning Hagee’s latest book and (blood moon) predictions: you might like to check it out. Though I have to add, why any Christian would even contemplate listening to anything John Hagee has to say is a mystery to me: in case you’ve forgotten this is the man who wrote a book a few years back, claiming Jesus did not come 2000 yrs ago as the Messiah.

The article can be found at Way of Life Literature.

John Hagee’s 2013 book Four Blood Moons is a mixture of Bible truth and vain speculation. The thesis is that an upcoming series of rare lunar and solar eclipses that align with Jewish feast days signifies an upcoming prophetic event of great importance. The subtitle to Hagee’s book is “Something is about to change.”

This type of thing sells a lot of books in an age of shallow “evangelical” Christianity and in a time when people’s ears perennially itch for something new.

Observe the following dramatic statements from Hagee’s book:

“The history of THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE FOREVER, and God is sending us messages on His high-definition billboard by speaking to us in the heavens— using the Four Blood Moons; the question is  .  .  .   are we listening?” (Four Blood Moons, Kindle Locations 326-328).

“Keep reading, because THIS MESSAGE FROM GOD IS SO URGENT to Him that He sovereignly arranged the sun and the moon to perfectly align themselves to create a Tetrad— four consecutive blood moons. He didn’t do this just one time— but Tetrads linked to Jewish history have happened only three times in more than five hundred years. And it’s about to happen again” (Four Blood Moons, Kindle Locations 498-501).

“The fourth series of Four Blood Moons is coming! They are extremely rare even by scientific standards. GOD IS SHOUTING TO US, ‘SOMETHING BIG IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN!’ … What they are telling us is that God is getting ready to change the course of human history once again. He is preparing to display the next series of signs in the heavens” (Four Blood Moons, Kindle Locations 2568-2572).

“The coming Four Blood Moons are almost here  .  .  .   ARE YOU READY?” (Four Blood Moons, p. 244).

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I must say, the last few sentences of this article sums it up nicely:

Friends in Christ, don’t get caught up in the frenzy of prophetic speculation. We have plenty of solid prophecy in the Scripture. There is no need for speculation and theories based on unsound premises.

Don’t follow men who have demonstrated their lack of Scriptural wisdom. The result will be confusion at best with the possibility of spiritual shipwreck.

And I say Amen…

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