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Society has went to the dogs…

Not that this type of thing is new anymore, but it still shocks me to see on a daily basis just how horrible people, and society in general, have become. (I apologize to all the dogs for the comparison…)

A group of Tea Party-affiliated protesters disrupted a book signing by former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (D), calling the former Republican a “commie whore” and shouting that he “looks like an AIDS victim.” According to conservative Florida website Shark-Tank.com, the protesters gathered outside a Ft. Lauderdale Barnes and Noble store were from the Ft. Lauderdale chapter of the Tea Party Republicans.

Crist was at the store signing copies of his book The Party’s Over, How the Extreme Right Hijacked the GOP and I Became a Democrat. The group of protesters gathered outside carried signs and shouted at the former governor as he tried to leave the store.

A Miami Sun-Sentinel‘s political reporter — who tweets under the name @BrowardPolitics — wrote on Twitter, “On his way out, one of the Republican protestors called @CharlieCrist a ‘commie whore.’ And that was the most printable comment.”

Shark-Tank.com reported that the protester who shouted that Crist looked “like an AIDS victim” repeated the remark three times as the governor walked to his car after the event.

More here

Was glad to see the conservative Florida website Shark-Tank, found the actions of these people deplorable and said so at their website.

I know sometimes I whine like an old-lady concerning the condition of American society today, but hey, I am an old-lady! One who grew up in an age when people generally did not act or talk like this. Someone needs to hold these people down and give them a good mouth scrubbing with a bar of grandma’s homemade lye soap.


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