Movie Review: “Son of God”

If you want to read an interesting review by someone (Christian) who put out the money to see this film, read this. Though I never had any intention of seeing it, after reading this, you couldn’t pay me to watch it…yep, it’s that bad; that’s if  you consider seriously changing, adding to, and taking away from the Word of God, to be a ‘bad thing’.

See Review Here



5 comments on “Movie Review: “Son of God”

  1. Thanks for posting this. Nothing too surprising, but nice to have a first hand account without having to experience it first hand myself. I actually posted it on facebook, but no one seems too disturbed about it. When the Son of Man appears, will He find faith on the earth? One does wonder at times.

  2. Hey thanks for the review PJ. I was watching the trailer for Noah with Russel Crowe. We know there were 8 saved but it was funny how they characterized Noah’s sons as small boys and not grown men with wives.

    • You’re more then welcome luci!

      Haven’t seen the trailer for the Noah film, but it doesn’t surprise me. Christians should understand these so-called bible films are made to tell a story (very) loosely based on a story from the bible, make money, and to appeal to a larger audience then just Christians. Some Christians i saw over at at CPost last night were so upset because this film isn’t “biblical”…i thought, ‘who told you it was suppose to be biblical?”. I asked one guy why he was upset with Hollywood, for Hollywood’s job isn’t to spread the gospel, that our job.

  3. Yes it is our job to spread the gospel. But many believers will not get out into the hedges and byways to tell someone about Jesus. We have to be the truth to Hollywood’s lies.

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