Kentucky Baptists use gun giveaways to lure unchurched to Christ

Why isn’t this surprising?

The Kentucky Baptist Convention wants to “point people to Christ” by giving away guns at Second Amendment Celebrations hosted across the state. In the words of spokesman Chuck McAlister the strategy is “outreach to rednecks,” and 1,000 people are expected to attend the next event.

To lure the nonreligious into the fold, the churches are offering a handgun, shotgun, or long gun as door prizes. Winners attend church for a photo-op with their new gun, but they must pass a background check before collecting their prize.

“The number of unchurched men who will show up will be in direct proportion to the number of guns you give away,” McAlister told The Courier-Journal. “And I can almost tell you the number of men who would show up based on the make or model. There is a huge interest among unchurched men in the state of Kentucky regarding guns and gun rights that is even more of a draw than a toaster or money would be.”

At one event in February, McAlister reportedly took the stage surrounded by guns and discussed politics, saying gun violence is “not the gun, it’s the man behind the gun,” and “criminals don’t care about a bunch of rules.” God did not come up for the first 30 minutes. After polling the audience about who had a gun, McAlister said, “We’ve got an army right here!”

Firearms manufacturers, gun groups, and even the occasional congressmember host controversial gun giveaways to recruit members and raise money. The Kentucky Baptist Church has found the strategy “very effective” for its own purposes, but it’s drawn criticism from other Baptists. “How ironic to use guns to lure men in to hear a message about Jesus, who said, ‘Put away the sword,’” Rev. Joe Phelps, pastor of Louisville’s independent Highland Baptist Church, said according to Courier- Journal. “Can you picture Jesus giving away guns, or toasters or raffle tickets? … He gave away bread once, but that was as a sign, not a sales pitch.”  – (Think Progress)

The Courier has a much larger story on this if you’re interested in checking it out. At least they reported a few clergymen are openly protesting this….”circus”.

In the sidebar we’re told how this is suppose to play-out: 

How the gun giveaway works:  

• Local businesses donate guns to the host church.

• Winners are selected by random draw.

• The gun is briefly presented in church to the winner, so he can be photographed with it. It’s then taken back, for liability and legal reasons, and must be reclaimed at a gun shop, where the winner must pass a background check. If the winner fails the background check, he doesn’t get the weapon.

There is so much of this stuff–crazy, insane, bizarre, stuff, that to keep commenting on it almost seems useless. How many times can we point out the ‘wrongness’ of something, the evil of it, knowing that tomorrow brings yet another day, with another story such as this, or one even worse?

The nuts have indeed taken over the nut-house. The only thing we can take heart in, is this nut-house is not our home…thank God. 


6 comments on “Kentucky Baptists use gun giveaways to lure unchurched to Christ

  1. Where oh where to begin…
    I guess you could give away Muslim prayer cloths as well.

    • Wouldn’t surprise me Henry.

      When i saw this story, as one who lives in Kentucky, i felt like crawling under a rock in shame.

  2. Here in Florida, I’ve seen churches have give always of the WII or game boy to lure people into church. It’s silly because only God can bring a man’s spirit to life and lure him in.

    • All of these tactics are soooo wrong. Can you imagine the disciples doing this, or even the church 100 years ago, doing something similar? Going out into the world and presenting the gospel to the lost, is what brings people into the church.

      In this story about a gun give-away, it’s not about adding to the church, it’s about promoting guns and gun-rights….regardless of what they call it or say it is.

  3. In guns we trust!

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