C.I. Scofield: Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth

Isn’t it astounding how the notes included within the Scofield Reference Bible have become ingrained within our beliefs? Many Christians, especially in the west, look upon them as ‘inspired’ writings, quoting his notes (teachings) as though they hold equal weight with God-inspired scripture.  Granted, most do not realize they are even doing this. It’s just my personal opinion, based on experience, that we quote and believe teachings based upon his notes without realizing they were one man’s beliefs, and not necessarily what the bible says. We hear it for years–sometimes for an entire lifetime, from pulpits out of the mouths of Godly pastors and preachers (who in turn, heard it all their lives from their pastors, preachers, and teachers, and so on), and we never question if its really biblical. It’s hard to conceive that one man, in this case C.I. Scofield, could completely change a nations entire theology–but he certainly did, with his personal interpretations of Holy Writ.

See: C. I. Scofield and His Reference Bible –  Analyzing Scofield –  Scofield’s Notes Answered


2 comments on “C.I. Scofield: Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth

  1. When my late elder brother went off to Bible College in London some 60+ years ago the deacons of our church gave him a Schofield bible as a parting gift. His first lecture was given by the Principal of the college – on the subject of biblical inspiration. He told his new intake, ‘If you have a Schofield bible give it away to someone or, better still, throw in the garbage can!’ Needless to say my brother was knocked back on his heels because he hadn’t even started to use his brand new copy. After that start my brother went on to become a fine bible teacher.

    • He told his new intake, ‘If you have a Schofield bible give it away to someone or, better still, throw in the garbage can!’

      Wise man. That was also very bold of him!

      Praise God for your brother becoming a fine teacher Gordon: we are sure in need of good teachers today. May those who were blessed to sit under your late brothers teaching go on to teach the truth too.

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