John MacArthur Plans Biblical Inerrancy Summit


For now I have one comment:

“For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith” Romans 12:3


10 comments on “John MacArthur Plans Biblical Inerrancy Summit

  1. I have to say, I have grown very tired of the term “inerrancy” over the years. It is not that I feel that the scriptures might mislead me in any way, quite the contrary. But “inerrancy” is a loaded word that conveys the idea of a very legalistic way of looking at the Bible. If one understands something in the scripture as being symbolic when it is supposed to be understood as literal, one is in trouble. On the other hand if one understands something in scripture as being literal when it should be understood as symbolic, again one is in trouble. Thus in order to uphold the concept of inerrancy, one must subscribe to the “right” interpretation of scripture down to the jot and the tittle. AND one must be sure to be using the ONE AND ONLY inerrant translation which somehow usually works out to be spelled KJV. And, of course, all of this gets extended out to a passionate defense of things like “creation science” and seemingly everything else to the neglect of the gospel message itself. I much prefer that people demonstrate the power of the Word of God in their lives than marching around demonstrating their willingness to get into a shout fight over their own private interpretation of it and all of the splitting of hairs that follow which is usually where discussions of inerrancy somehow end up.

    • Exactly. When i see men like MacArthur, planning a summit/conference, or whatever, in order to “tell” Christians “how” this scripture or that scripture, should be understood—well, in plain-speak, it BUGS ME.

      Pride comes before a fall George, and i predict if MacArthur doesn’t cease in placing himself (and his hand-chosen buddies) into positions in which he believes he’s been given some type of “authority”, to speak to and FOR the Church, we’re going to see something happen. The article’s headline reads:

      “Exclusive Interview: Influential Pastor Says New Generation ‘Needs to Be Brought in Line With the Truth’

      And somehow he believes that job has been given to him… That it’s fallen to “him” to see to it the new generation gets “brought into line”. Boy! talk about a swollen head!

  2. I once listened as John MacArthur gave a list of reasons why every Christian needs to attend a church. One of the reasons was so that the pastor/teacher could explain the scriptures to you. Either he does not believe the Holy Spirit is sent to lead us into truth or he thinks he is the Holy Spirit.

    • That sounds just like something MacArthur would say and believe.

      Either he does not believe the Holy Spirit is sent to lead us into truth or he thinks he is the Holy Spirit.

      Sadly im fast coming to the conclusion it’s the latter. Either that or he believes everyone within the church, besides himself and his short-list of fellow experts, are so blind we’re unable to be led by the Holy Spirit without his expert guidance.

      I noticed one of the names included in the list of those participating with MacArthur at this summit, was that of Dr. Albert Mohler. Earlier this month i read an interesting article about Mohler speaking at Brigham Young University (BYU).


      In a new evangelical outreach a number of prominent Christian leaders are meeting with the cult of the Sun and Moon People at Brigham Young University (BYU). At the personal invitation of the Sun and Moon People leader several Evangelical Christian leaders have graciously accepted over the past year. Due to the popularity of these interfaith meetings at BYU, it was held where more students could attend and at least one of the *Mormon’s general authorities were present on stage so the student body could know it has the full endorsement of their leadership.

      This past week the latest evangelical leader to speak again to the cult was Dr. Albert Mohler on February 25th, 2014, addressing what he sees as a common threat posed to our religious freedoms saying to the effect, despite whatever differences we have in doctrine and religious belief we urgently need to talk in the evil day we live. Opening up Dr. Mohler described the privilege it was to spend time with the General Authorities that run the cult counting them as friends,

      “I also had the privilege of spending time with some of the General Authorities of your church, including Elder Tom Perry, Elder Quentin Cook, Elder Dallin Oaks, and several others. I am glad to know these men as friends.”

      And Dr. Mohler said this which troubles me,

      “We need to talk. We can and must take the risk of responsible, respectful, and honest conversation. We owe this to each other, and we owe this to the faiths we represent. And we had better talk with candor and urgency, for the times demand it.”

      Dr. Mohler qualified his message stating how very different what an Evangelical Christian believes compared to the beliefs of a Sun and Moon cult member (similar to what he did this past October 2013). Dr. Mohler said, “I come to honor the importance of ideas and the centrality of the search for truth with you.” Previously Dr. Mohler said in October 2013,

      “I love and respect you as friends, and as friends we would speak only what we believe to be true, especially on matters of eternal significance. We inhabit separate and irreconcilable theological worlds, made clear with respect to the doctrine of the Trinity. And yet here I am, and gladly so. We will speak to one another of what we most sincerely believe to be true, precisely because we love and respect one another.”

      “Irreconcilable”, “not going to heaven together,” means the other is condemned to Hell right!? And “speaking only what we believe to be true”, is he willing to speak with every other religious group out there as well saying we need to talk because the times demand it?

      Do we need to go to other cult academic locations even though they are spiritual enemies of the true Cross of Christ?

      Will he or others go to the Jehovah’s Witnesses next and do the same thing in their alleged search for the truth!?

      Does the Sun and Moon people cult (Mormon) really hold the same values, the same morality we hold up as the natural family? No.

      On the surface it may appear we agree but in the most fundamental ways our God is different than the Mormon god. Our views differ on husband, wife and children plus quickly deviate in every possible regard to what Heaven is – unless you are planning to propagate children on other worlds as new little gods! Our doctrine, our Christian teachings call what the Mormons teach accursed – how can we say less!?For plenty more of what the Mormons teach I recommend this ministry’s material, Mormon Research Ministry – They are truly one on the front-line in this spiritual war! How can we say we need to talk, except to say I have heard what you have taught and it is patently false, as false as non-traditional marriage, it is a fraud of what is Holy, what is pure based upon solely the Word of God our Creator. You need to repent!

      More at TruthWithSnares

      And we’re to trust to MacArthur and those men listed to lead this summit, like Mohler, to “bring us into line” with Biblical Inerrancy? I don’t think so.

    • “or he thinks he is the Holy Spirit” I think that really comes close to describing the problem. Guys like MacArthur think they have the Bible figured out. And unfortunately, in figuring out, they treat it more like a ouija board than the inspired Word of God. The Bible itself tells us that God gives us teachers. That in and of itself is not the problem. The problem is that when these teachers do not submit themselves to the wisdom of the church down through the ages, but instead place all confidence in themselves as the sole revealers of truth, bad things happen. And in the process they use terms like “inerrancy” as a stick in that they are not only claiming “inerrancy for the Bible, but also for their own private interpretation of the Bible. I deeply respect a man who is willing to say “this is what I believe regarding this scripture”, but few men are willing to do this, rather they declare very authoritatively “this is what this scripture means” and, in the process, find ways to attack anyone who might dissent from that opinion.

    • And in the process they use terms like “inerrancy” as a stick in that they are not only claiming “inerrancy for the Bible, but also for their own private interpretation of the Bible.

      And there you have it George–you’ve hit the nail on the head! Amen, Amen. Knowing he has his own private interpretation of many vital issues concerning God’s Word, and believes he is 110% right, is the problem with someone like MacArthur leading such a summit.

      I was rereading the article concerning the summit and noticing this, i had to laugh,

      (MacArthur) said the summit “is intentionally designed to bring together men of conviction and influence to make a clear statement on this issue for our generation. It’s our prayer that the statements, articles and books that come out of this summit will honor our God who has spoken in His Word.”

      What caused the laughter was last night, when first reading about this, i automatically thought “book sales”. These guys always come out with a book after these conferences or summits, don’t they. There is ‘money to be made by the Gospel’ folks. You can believe that.

  3. I would guess that most genuine christians believe that the bible is inerrant, so what we really have here is MacArthurs take on hermenuetics.For mine , Mac is an avowed dispensationalist, and this comes with a myriad of interpretal questions , and not answers. I think I’ll stay with the biblical understanding that the Holy Spirit is our teacher.

    • think I’ll stay with the biblical understanding that the Holy Spirit is our teacher.

      I’m with you Mondoray27….

  4. I think MacArthur advice, that christians should return t the scripture as our number one authority, is desperatly needed in the christian community of this days. What happens, if one believes, that the personal leading of the Holy Spirit is moore important than the Holy Sprictures, is shown by the recent example of Ulf Ekman, charismatric megachurchleader of Sweden: You become a roman-catholic:

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    • No one is denying the need for total dependency upon scripture–only in MacArthur’s case, his manner of doing this is to accept (without question) “his” interpretation of scripture as always being correct.

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