Rod Parsley and the ‘Seven Anointings of Passover’

“Keeping in mind that entertainment does not always evoke happiness, this time of year is always an entertaining one in evangelicalism. It’s the time of year when we wonder how many pastors will manage to preach an Easter sermon without actually talking about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s the time of year when biblically uninformed ‘pastors’ try to impose upon Christians the laws and feasts of ancient Israel. It’s the perfect time of year for charlatan hucksters to swindle gullible goats out of hard earned cash.

And right here is the perfect place to introduce Rod Parsley’s 2014 bamboozling: The Seven Anointings of Passover”

Continued at, Do Not Be Surprised… 



6 comments on “Rod Parsley and the ‘Seven Anointings of Passover’

  1. Here, I’ll give free, just read, the secret, no wait, it’s not a secret, you just have to pick up your Bible, and if you can’t afford one, just keep reading here, and open to Micah 3 and read God’s indictment against the folly of the likes of hucksters like Rod and Joni Parsely:

    Micah 3:1 And I said: Hear, you heads of Jacob and rulers of the house of Israel! Is it not for you to know justice?—
    2 you who hate the good and love the evil, who tear the skin from off my people and their flesh from off their bones,
    3 who eat the flesh of my people, and flay their skin from off them, and break their bones in pieces and chop them up like meat in a pot, like flesh in a cauldron.
    4 Then they will cry to the LORD, but he will not answer them; he will hide his face from them at that time, because they have made their deeds evil.
    5 Thus says the LORD concerning the prophets who lead my people astray, who cry “Peace” when they have something to eat, but declare war against him who puts nothing into their mouths.
    6 Therefore it shall be night to you, without vision, and darkness to you, without divination. The sun shall go down on the prophets, and the day shall be black over them;
    7 the seers shall be disgraced, and the diviners put to shame; they shall all cover their lips, for there is no answer from God.

    Enough said???

    • The author over at do not be surprised blog is right…we see this type of thing every Easter season. I’m sure in the coming weeks i’ll run into more and more of this ridiculous type of “Easter message” which has little to nothing to do with Jesus, his atoning death and resurrection. I see it every year. It’s sad…

  2. No No PJ – that was Parsley’s Passover Seed Offering Scam.

    Here is his Easter Seed Offering Scam

    Dear ####,

    The Lord has given me this for you today, from His Word. I believe it will change your life.

    You have not even begun to conceive, nor perceive, nor believe, what God has waiting for you!

    Sow your Resurrection Seed offering now, and submit your prayer needs so we can pray together for His Perfect Harvest for YOU.

    God brought Jesus back from the dead … the original Resurrection Seed brought forth a Perfect Harvest!

    This is a word about numbers. Just consider:
    First, the number 7 — the number of spiritual perfection — God is represented by the number 7.
    Next, the number 2 — the number of the Incarnation — when God was made flesh, and Jesus came into our world.
    When God made the covenant with man, it was 7 x 2 — perfection doubled, in a covenant that cannot be broken!
    The math is simple — but the meaning is awesome: What is 7 times 2? The answer is 14, the number of this year!

    Fourteen is the number that signifies release. This is ’14, the year of God’s Open Door … the year of release! What is on the other side of this open door?

    I believe the Lord has four amazing blessings in store for you (Exodus 23:20-30) in this year of 2014 when you sow your Resurrection Seed and step through GOD’S OPEN DOOR:
    Angelic protection: You and your household will experience a supernatural covering!
    Absolute healing: Complete health — in your body, your soul and your spirit!
    Abundant finances: You will miraculously gain greater and greater financial abundance!
    Amplified provision: Your perfect harvest will be multiplied in DOUBLE MEASURE!
    BUT God cannot schedule your harvest until He has your seed in His hand. Release it today, and God will release what’s in His heaven toward you. Faith always gets God’s attention.

    So get His attention today. Sow your Resurrection Seed. Step through God’s Open Door. THE PERFECT HARVEST IS YOURS!

    As you give, I’ll bless you with my new book, God’s Open Door. Sow $50.14 or more, and I will also send you my five-message series Your Perfect Harvest on audio CD. Sow $114 or more, and I’ll send you the five-message Your Perfect Harvest series on both CD and DVD.

    Do not wait to request these resources and sow your seed — I want to be sure your prayer needs are here on our Prayer Altar at the new Calvary Memorial for our Easter Resurrection service.

    Let me hear from you today!
    Rod Parsley
    Pastor Rod Parsley

    • Aha… sorry, i missed it. 🙂

      These guys sure come up with some of the most foolish ideas. They use Easter season, every year, to promote foolish ideas and make unbiblical promises in order to get the sheeple to “sow” into their ministries–all of them do this. I often wonder who the people are, who work for these ministries, and come up with these campaigns.

  3. In their theology God exists for the pleasure of man. All that is necessary is money. It is all absurd and Parsley like many others preaches another gospel which is designed to support their rick lifestyle.

    • “For the pleasure of man”—that’s a good way to explain this…what we see and hear coming from these guys.

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