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Is THIS what the Church has become?



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  1. A totally anonymous website via Vistaprint no less. Honestly this is Harold Camping all over again. Cut and paste Bible passages spectacularly juxtaposed with current newsbytes. With this approach anybody can be a prophet. I suspect it won’t be long before this speculation falls apart. With all of their obvious short comings the people this website trashes are hardly Antichrists. I prefer a more honest and reliable approach to Bible prophesy, an approach that actually delves into the root of the problem that mankind faces (hint: Its not apathy toward Israel) and points to the real solution to that problem (hint: Its not about “blessing the state of Israel”): http://www.noahthemovie.com/ Its only 30 minutes, enjoy!

    • Thanks for the link George, i’ll check it out!

      That website is disgusting. A friend had posted the link over at facebook, along with the story concerning the Syria peace convoy.

      A group of prominent international figures has arrived in Tehran to start a movement for peace in Syria titled “Pilgrims of Peace”.

      The “Pilgrims of Peace” international initiative for Syria is being supported by various human rights and anti-war organizations. The convoy includes activists from countries such as Britain, Canada, Germany, Lebanon, Australia, Pakistan, India and Iran…. (link)

      Wonder how long that website’s been up…did you notice?

    • This website was created back on July 11, 2012. As Adam reveals, it has likely been changed many times since then as its prophecies have failed over and over and over again. That is typical of the way these people operate and, of course, the Biblical mark of an authentic false prophet. The word that comes to mind in regards to people like this is simply “scam”. They seem to have no regard for the truth, but only deep passion for finding ways to twist the word of God in such a way as to reinforce their own message. It becomes clear over time, as you point out, that they have an agenda. They are not “speaking the words of God”, but rather “putting words in God’s mouth” for their own selfish ends. It would be most interesting to see exactly what has graced that page since its inception and what modifications have been made over that period. The Way Back Machine apparently did not archive the subordinate pages which is probably where the real action was since the main page has hardly changed over the period from what I can tell. I was especially interested in the original “last pope” page since the original version was created before the current pope ever took office. Oh well …

    • Sounds like it’s not been updated for quite awhile George. Perhaps it will one day soon, just disappear–we can only hope so.

    • This evening i saw a comment over at facebook about how many Christians there are living in Damascus today…it made me think about this post and this person’s website. I decided to check out what the person had said (that over 170,000 Christians are now living in Damascus) and read this:

      Damascus was one of the first regions to receive Christianity during the ministry of St Peter. There were more Christians in Damascus than anywhere else. After the military expansion of the Umayyad empire into Syria and Anatolia, the teachings of Islam came into practice and many became Muslims.

      Nowadays, Damascus still contains a sizeable proportion of Christians, with churches all over the city, but particularly in the district of Bab Touma (The Gate of Thomas in Aramaic and Arabic). Masses are held every Sunday and civil servants are given Sunday mornings off to allow them to attend church, even though Sunday is a working day in Syria. Schools in Christian-dominated districts have Saturday and Sunday as the weekend, while the official Syrian weekend falls on Friday and Saturday. (source)

      Just made me wonder if the person who put up that website, where he appears to be “watching” for Damascus’ destruction, stopped to consider there are many Christians still living there today…or the Christian history, going all the way back to Peter, that the city holds.

      probably not….

  2. I see he’s updated his site since last fall, but he forgot to take down the dire warnings for November 2013 that didn’t come to pass (they’re one one of the pages). I came across this site in September when I did that two-part series on Isaiah 17, and cited it in one of the posts.

    You would think he actually wants to see every last man, woman, and child in Damascus killed as soon as possible. Wait…he really does want that, doesn’t he? Crazy…

    For probably every one of these Old Testament prophecies of coming judgments, anyone can go to sites like http://www.biblehub.com, search for the passage in question, and find numerous respected Bible commentators from the 17th, 18th, and 19th century giving credible, well-researched explanations for how those judgments were fulfilled within 100 years or so (in many cases) of when they were given. Good commentaries like that are now so accessible because of the internet, but the internet also makes it easy for people like this guy to run wild.

    • Aha! Well you just answered my question to George. I’d wondered how long that website had been up—so it was up at least since last fall. I didn’t take (or waste) any time looking through the other articles. Figured it was all just as bad.

      Yes! That was what disgusted me, it does appear the guy(?) is waiting “gleefully” to see Damascus blown to kingdom-come. So he can update the website with “the news”. It’s stuff like that website which makes me wonder what the lost must think of the Church–i mean, is it any wonder the lost, out there on the internet, believe we’re all blood-thirsty? You have Hagee wanting to bomb Iran and nuts like this guy, waiting to report on the death of (possibly) millions of people.

      Like i said, i didn’t look around over there but i’d be willing to bet if i did, it would be clear the guy is a classic dispensationalist….one who doesn’t accept that anything prophesied in the OT has been fulfilled yet.

      Thanks for the link!–Yes, good reliable commentaries ARE accessible. Sadly, many of these folks never bother to access them. They’re too busy reading the works of Darby along with their Scofield bibles.

  3. No,why would you equate this with the church? It is one goofball

    • The problem is it isn’t one goofball…it’s one of many which proclaims itself as representing the Church in front of a lost world.

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