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Sad Comment

God has led me recently to spend more time at a number of Christian Zionist and Dispensational-led websites. I praise God for the opportunities He has opened up which is enabling me to ‘speak’ to a few people. Don’t get me wrong–it’s not all “a bed of roses”. Aha. But I have actually sensed, in my spirit, a calmness which washes over me when attacked. And a love for my attackers. By this, I know the Holy Spirit is with me on these sites. 

And folks, what a field ripe for harvesting, these sites are! My goodness! If you can take the verbal attacks, (some can be very nasty), go visit these websites. Spread the good news of the Gospel message! Plant a few seeds, etc…

Anyway, I read a sad comment today at Israel Today (though an Israeli news site, it’s primarily a CZ hang out, and many articles are geared toward their interests). It’s not the first time I’ve read a comment like this, but for whatever reason this time it grieved me so deeply I had to stop and pray for the person who made it immediately. It was left by someone calling himself ‘Tony’ and was in response to an article about “what modern rabbis are saying about the carpenter from Nazareth” .

Tony’s comment is typical of that held by many Christian Zionists. Even some within the Hebrew-Roots movement believe this as well; 

“It’s all about Israel. First the Jew and then the Gentile. Jews do not need to convert to Christianity as they walk in obedience with the Torah the Word of God..”  

I only left a very short reply, in the hope of getting a longer reply back. I’d truly like to get into a discussion with “Tony”. But that’s up to God….

It’s heartbreaking to read that people who profess to know Jesus, believe there is “another way”. For I don’t believe most are knowingly and purposefully setting out to deceive people, it’s only that someone deceived them, and they in turn are now deceiving others. How tragic, how sad. 


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