A Miracle

Something happened a few days ago which I must share, for to me it was a miracle! First, I just thank God so much for intervening in this incident…Thank you Lord for your ministering Angels.

I have, what I call ‘that darn bum leg’, aha. My kids get aggravated with me for always referring to one of my legs as that ‘bum leg’, but that’s what it is. It’s actually nerve damage caused by the back problems. It can cause days when I ‘stagger’ alot and have to use a cane (which I hate!) or hold on to walls or furniture to get around. Other days, it’s fine. Just depends on if the nerve is acting up.

Anyway, two days ago I became a little dizzy in the bathroom and started doing the staggering routine, when I suddenly fell into bath-tub. There I was, in the tub with part of my legs and both feet sticking out over the edge, wondering how I got there and how I was going to get out. The leg refuses to bend very far, so I knew getting out was going to pose a problem.  Can’t explain exactly how I got out but I did. Frankly, it’s kind of hazy.

Here is the miracle though; not a mark on me…and not even a tiny bruise the following day (yesterday). It was very strange for it actually seemed like I fell in slow-motion. Isn’t that weird? And I would have sworn I had grabbed the shower-curtain when going down into the tub, I “thought” I heard it rip. But no tears in the curtain either. 

You can believe it or not but I know “someone” caught me as I fell. It was an Angel of God. There is no other explanation for the lack of any bruising or broken bones…or for how I didn’t crack my head on the tub.  I was also calm as a cucumber folks.

Today I’m praising God for loving and caring for me so much that He dispatched help in my time of need. 

Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation? (Hebrews 1:14)


13 comments on “A Miracle

  1. I believe it PJ.

    A dear Saint, gone to be with The Lord now some years ago, a bit overweight went on a trip to Chicago. When she came back she told a few of us who prayed with her constantly a similar story. It’s a bit more dramatic but the claim is the same, God had Angels surround her and kept her from even a scratch! She walked with a cane and on the trip she and her daughter went shopping at a downtown mall with escalators. She stepped onto the wrong one thinking it went “down” but it was the one going up! She lost balance and tumbled “down” a flight of moving metal stairs going “up” landing at the base of the escalators one story down! She said something similar. It was like she was floating in slow motion as she tumbled down this flight of stairs and when she stopped there was no pain and not even a scratch! There was no bruising! There was nothing broken, no clothes torn and she was able to continue walking around the mall after the Mall Security checked her over with a fine tooth comb! It was a miracle! There’s no way she did that fall being as overweight as she was and all without even a scratch if Angels had not intervened for the Elect’s sake!

    I’m sure when we get to Heaven we will be surprised to learn just how often God dispatched them through our lifetime to minister to our situations, situations we were not even aware of at the time?

    • Ouch! The lady you mentioned certainly did receive a miracle! Thanks for sharing her story Michael.

      I really believe one of God’s Angels “caught” me Michael. Not only because of not being hurt (i should have been!) but because of how i felt–soo calm, not upset or frightened in the least. And the sense of “slow motion”, like your friend…it was real. I just praise the Lord, for i know i should have been seriously hurt.

      This is the third time in 34 years in which i know without a doubt, one of God’s “agents” intervened in my life.

  2. Nice! The tear you heard was probably an angel’s robe haha! I just love to hear stories like this from those who are soundly saved like yourself. I am so happy that you came out unscathed. Take care of yourself and hope you’re feeling better.

    • Paul, you’re bad! ahahaha….. though there was a time when i was heavier, i wouldn’t have doubted it, AHA! 🙂

      I’m feeling pretty good actually. Just couldn’t believe i didn’t even have a bruise the next day–it was as though it never happened!

  3. I have often thought that, certain accidents that I have had should have caused me some harm, yet I walked out from them unscathed. It always occurs to me, in such situations, that God was watching out for me.

    I fell down some stairs once, tumbled like in the movies, and I slammed the ground… felt great! Got up completely fine. I did not slip INTO a tub, but I did accidentally slip out of it, falling flat on my back. Was fine! I’ve dropped heavy metal objects very close to my foot. Once I nearly got hit by a speeding car. On another occasion, I was out on a walk when I was much younger, and some criminal looking person was staring at me and walking towards me, but a fellow came out of nowhere and scared him off. On another occasion, late at night, strange men approached me as I was getting groceries for my mother out of the car, and a neighbor, who just happened to be looking out his patio, started shouting at them, and they ran off.

    • Yes, i’d say God is truly watching over you! Believe it was Michael who wrote that we’ll probably be surprised one day, after arriving in Heaven, to find out just how many times God’s Angels were dispatched to help us or to prevent our being seriously hurt (or worse).

      I agree.

    • A very good friend of mine who I have known for years, told me the other day something she said would make me think that she is “nuts.” After she and her husband had their usual prayer time and went to sleep (she was praying for protection from God for a message she wanted to give the next day for church), some time during the night she woke herself up with her own snoring. When she opened her eyes, however, standing next to the bed… was an angel! She said she was afraid at first, and prayed that if it were evil it be sent off, but the angel did not leave, and just sort of looked pretty for a bit, and then disappeared. She thinks that the angel showed himself just to confirm to her not to have any fear of anything, since God has set angels about to guard her. Quite an interesting coincidence, I think, to have a thread on this topic, and so many other people either thinking of it or even seeing it! But, maybe that proves it’s not a coincidence.

    • Ricardo, i don’t think your friend is nuts. Though of course, i don’t know her personally, i can saw it’s very possible she did see an actual Angel.

      I’ve written before about this but don’t mind repeating it…

      My mom had had a major heart-attack, a few years before she passed away. She had a similar experience, like your friends, while in the ICU. She later described the Angel as ‘beautiful’. When i asked her if it was male or female, she said she didn’t know, it seemed to be both or neither. According to mom, the Angel stood “glowing”…watching my mom, with the most beautiful look of love and peace on it’s face. It was actually quite funny for at the time my sistr and her husband were in the ICU, and said mom had suddenly set up in the bed pointing to the far wall, repeating “LOOK, CAN’T YOU SEE IT….” It scared my sister and her husband. ahaha…for of course, they saw nothing.

      My mom was very near death at the time this occurred. The dr. didn’t believe she’d pull through. But she did, and lived a few more years. But she always believed she had seen an Angel of God. I believed her.

  4. Truly a miracle. God is GOOD.

  5. You might find this Wiki on the subject of time dilation and the nature of time itself helpful

    Also a post on my blog here very sketchily gives some insights and also some further links on the nature of time, space and reality. Maybe read that first

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