Just a personal note.

In the last 2 weeks two friend have went home to be with Jesus. Bill Ohmer was someone I first met over 30 years ago, when he was just a young man at our Church. Back then, he and his new wife became close friends with my two sons. In fact Bill taught my youngest son to play the bass. He was 57 when God called him home two weeks ago. He’ll be greatly missed by all who loved him. Only recently I had come upon a stack of photos, taken at one of our church’s baptismal services which showed Bill helping to baptize my youngest son. This took place in the Licking river one Sunday morning right after Sunday School. There must have been 10 or more baptized that morning. It was a wonderful day. Bill and his wife could not have children of their own, but after the sudden death of his sister-in-law yrs ago, he and his wife Debbie raised her children like their own: Bill even got to experience being called grandpa in recent years as the children grew up and married. I know they will all miss him terribly.

Another friend went home two days ago. Her name was Toni Strang. I met her and a couple other ladies 11 yrs ago at Chip Brogden’s old discussion board. We 4 just “clicked”. Over the years we’ve stayed friends, even enjoyed online bible studies together, talked about our ups and downs, shared family photos, times of joy and times of pain and sorrow. Many don’t think you can make lasting friendships online, and though I’m sure its not the ‘norm’, it does happen once in awhile.  Even though times would occur when we didn’t hear from each other for awhile, when we picked back up, it was like those stretches of time had never happened. I loved her dearly. All four of them. Toni will be missed from our little group.

Someone posted a beautiful poem on Toni’s facebook page today. I loved it and wanted to share it with you.

Journeys End

At the gates of the Golden City, by the walls of precious stone
Stands a band of tired pilgrims, weary from the road.

They see a place so beautiful, they see a place so free.

And with His arms wide open, to embrace each one
They hear the Father’s Welcome, as He says Well Done
You are home, you are home.

Through the gates of the Golden City, come the keepers of the faith
They’re the ones whose hearts were humble, they’re the ones who ran the race.

They see His face so beautiful, shining like the sun.

And with His arms wide open, full of love and pride
They hear the Father’s Welcome,
‘ Won’t you come inside, You are home, You are home.’

Who knows from where we’ve come, or what our stories are
From North and South, East or West
We all have travelled far

So meet me at the finish line, it’s where our journey ends

With the hosts of heaven, singing endless praise
Yours, Toni, a crown of glory, for eternal days.

You are home, You are home.

It made me think of the words which came to me when my Mom went home: that she was just on the other side of the door. Not really gone, but waiting. I still miss my Mom greatly and my Dad, but like Bill and Toni, I know one day we will all be reunited. In the meantime I’ll keep on doing what I can for the Kingdom, while knowing they all have made it home. And one day, so will I.

God bless…thanks for “listening”


4 comments on “Home

  1. Pj I have been involved with a precious group of ladies every Monday for several years and regularly attend still when here in the UK. I am actually the youngest at 68 and the oldest is now 97. Many of my dear, Godly sisters are now with their Saviour and there are only 10 of us left. As we witness the ‘going home’ of each one we feel such a mixture of emotions, great rejoicing at their entry into the welcoming arms of Jesus versus genuine grief at the loss of their presence amongst us.
    I appreciate this post today and am so blessed by your beautiful, succinct poem as so many dear ones have been drawn to my mind, not least my mom, who as you know, went home just last year.
    As for internet friends/sisters……I value you highly and thank God for you often. When I meet you in glory in the by and by I so hope I will recognise you (if not I’ll ask Jesus to point you out) 🙂

    By the way the Rwandan book is on it’s way to you, perhaps you could confirm when you receive it. When it arrives enjoy and be blessed.

    • Had to smile when reading your words Sylvia, because most if not all younger Christians cannot understand the

      …mixture of emotions, great rejoicing at their entry into the welcoming arms of Jesus versus genuine grief at the loss of their presence amongst us.

      When talking to my oldest son about these feelings concerning the two people i mentioned in this post, he said i was “talking weird”. aha! He just could not grasp the concept of one being sorrowful and still rejoicing, at the same time.

      As for internet friends/sisters……I value you highly and thank God for you often. When I meet you in glory in the by and by I so hope I will recognise you (if not I’ll ask Jesus to point you out)

      Oh Sylvia, i value your friendship, our “sisterhood” so much. I know without your prayers i wouldn’t be here today. There were instances when i “knew” you were praying for me.

      Also, as it concerns this little blog, your prayers and encouragement over the years have been a HUGE part of why im still here. When i’d feel like giving in to the illness and shutting it down, i’d always unexpectedly (out of the blue!) receive a letter or little note from you. Under another post we’re discussing being led of the Spirit. You most certainly were on those occasions Sylvia. Only God knows how much.

      Thank you for sending the book on Ramanda! YAHOOOO! I’m so looking forward to reading it. Yes, i will write as soon as it arrives. 🙂

      ps- i remembered your mom’s passing when writing the above post. Seems everytime i mention my own mom’s passing i now automatically think of you and your mom. Hope they have become fast-friends in Heaven…like we are here.

  2. Well dear Pj if Jesus is truly the amazing Jesus that we think he is, He is preparing our places in glory already and it isn’t beyond the possibility that our two mom’s now know each other and are anticipating together our arrival ‘home’.
    Is Jesus capable of this? Of course he is…..and more pertinently He is more amazing than we can possibly imagine with our limited and tiny minds. Over time He has really led me into which blogs to ditch and which ones to retain. I’m not into flattering or appeasing people any more but hold tightly to truth and the truth is that this blog is God breathed and God inspired. You J and your regular commenters are in command of biblical accuracy and the all important context it was written. THANKING EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU.

    I pray that The Precious Lord will give you the health and strength to continue for a good time yet to come, and continue to endow you with His wisdom through these pages. May He bless you in abundance. Amen J.

    • Sylvia, thank you and God bless you for the words of encouragement! I know others who post here feel the same.

      And thank you for the prayer[s] for good health and continued strength. They are greatly appreciated sister.

      Still checking the mail daily, and will contact you as soon as the book arrives! 🙂

      Perhaps next time you could mail yourself over here for a visit, ahahaha!!!! I laugh, but we never know “what” plans God may have for the future, do we?!

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