Justin Peters Calls Out Todd Bentley on Stage

Bet this kicked up a ruckus...

World’s most foremost expert on Word-Faith and Charismania, and fellow Worldview Weekend broadcaster, Justin Peters called out notorious faith-healer, Todd (Bam-Bam) Bentley last night

Bam-Bam (who got that nickname from his unique healing style, which includes hitting and kicking people) made the mistake of giving Justin the microphone. That was NOT a smart idea. After Justin gave a “prophetic word” from Matthew 7, Todd Bentley asked who was the “worker of iniquity” Justin was referring to. Justin said, “You are.” They then took the mic and Justin continued to preach until they forced him off stage.

Then, they removed him from the building and called the police on Justin and his associates (after Bam-Bam prayed that God would bless them).

Full post with video at Pulpit and Pen, with an update included concerning an up-coming interview with Justin Peters on the “event” 

(Case you don’t know who Justin Peters is) –  Justin Peters Ministry

Clip at youtube;


11 comments on “Justin Peters Calls Out Todd Bentley on Stage

  1. I remember Justin from Lakeland (seems like a L O N G time ago). He was faithful then and is faithful now bless him, it is incredulous to me how Bam Bam has still got followers of his evil 😦

    • I’m really surprised this didn’t make more ‘news’ at Christian websites Sylvia. Perhaps its because in the minds of most Christians, Bentley is “old news”. What many do not realize is he is still out there pushing his strange, unbiblical teachings around the world. I signed up to receive his news-letters a couple yrs ago, and get updates regularly: Todd’s still going strong and continues to have many followers.

      Amen, God bless Justin Peters for speaking the truth–and not just about Todd’s false gospel, but “to” Todd himself!

  2. Wow, that was very brave of him. I can’t think of a more absurd person than “Bam Bam” Todd Bentley. Well, maybe Benny Hinn, or maybe… Umm, well, they’re all quite absurd, aren’t they? I remember a former friend of mine told me that, because I was “judging” Bentley, I was heaping judgment on myself. There is nothing more dangerous than this refusal by people to test the spirits as we are commanded.

    • True Ricardo. We’re not judging Todd but what he teaches/preaches.

      Don’t know if you recall, but back when Lakeland was in full-swing, i commented that i felt pity for Todd…i still do. Though i may be way off base, i always felt he was used by certain men (and women) who are higher-up on the dominionist food-chain, to help promote their false teachings. They saw in Todd a way to reach young people.

  3. The guy in the blue t-shirt was ready to use force. Wow.

  4. Reblogged this on Involuted Speculations and commented:
    Justin Peters is a great man of God. This is such an encouragement. May God make us all as bold.

    Soli Deo Gloria

  5. Wow Justin Peters tells it to Bentley straight!

  6. Justin is a great man of God, there is no doubt. I pray to be so courageous.

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