‘Duck Dynasty’ Cast Announces ‘The Duck Commander Faith And Family Bible’

Does this surprise, shock, or stun me…are you kidding! After the recent headline proclaiming ‘papa Duck’ is a ‘bonafide Prophet’ I knew a ‘Duck Bible’ was in the works. Maybe it will be similar to the Scofield Bible and will come with the it’s own personal interpretive notes.

Nashville, Tenn. (CBS HOUSTON) – Two members of the “Duck Dynasty” cast have announced the upcoming release of a Duck Commander-themed Bible for the fall. The popular A&E reality show cast members’ new book, “The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible,” will be released in the New King James Version and will include “30 life-changing testimonials” along with 125 “Set Your Sights features” from cast members, Phil and Al. (More here)



10 comments on “‘Duck Dynasty’ Cast Announces ‘The Duck Commander Faith And Family Bible’

  1. At least they’re using the New King James (grin). Apart from that, yet another example of making money from religion, and yet another example of how to turn people ‘off’ christianity.

  2. Another new (DUCK?) bible. Whatever’s wrong with the one and only Holy Bible that has proved wholly sufficient throughout the ages?
    Rather sounding like they’re all Quackers 😉

  3. The Duck Commander guys are the new Sarah Palin I think. I think I saw some conservative governor (I forget his name, but I recall hearing a lot of talk about him possibly running for President this time around) on one of the previews for their show. I do not dislike them, but the whole commercial nature and fakeness of the “reality” show certainly tells me that at the “root” of all this is money, as are many other evils. They also hobnob with Sean Vanity, err, I mean, Sean Hannity, who has been promoting them heavily on his show. Fox too has been all over them, in between doing interviews with Joel Osteen, that other guy with the plastic hair, shiny teeth and feel-good theology.

  4. In the context that Al Robertson spoke in I’d say he is correct in saying Phil is a prophet. Being familiar with the churches of Christ I can say with no doubt that he was not saying Phil is a prophet as Benny Hinn or Todd Bentley call themselves prophets. He was simply saying Phil has no qualms about defending the gospel.

    I thinks it’s incredibly far fetched to put them in the same class as Sarah Palin. As far as I can see the Robertson’s live out their Christianity whether they profit from it or not. In fact, as we all know, they put their considerable business interests at risk by standing by the truth that homosexuality is a sin.

  5. BTW I would call Phil Robertson a prophet in the same sense we might call Justin Peters a prophet. I’m pretty certain that’s how his son meant it.

    • I’m pretty certain that’s how his son meant it.


      So is Robertson a modern-day prophet? His son, Alan, is calling him that and more. At the Family Research Council’s recent Watchmen on the Wall conference, Alan talked about the GQ magazine ruckus that roused the gay agenda in December—and led to A&E putting the show on hold until Christians rallied against the dismissal.

      “My dad has the heart and mindset of a prophet and is most compared to John the Baptist … for speaking the truth in a culture that isn’t prepared to hear truth,” Alan said. “That doesn’t change my dad’s view at all. Prophets tend not to care about their public image. They tend to talk about their judgment as if it’s real and they speak what God gives them to speak … so he is, in that sense, a 21st century prophet.”

    • I would say that he is in the sense that he communicates the will of God and not in the sense that he foretells the future. I’m certain that’s what his son was saying, we (the Robertson’s and I) come from the same Christian tradition

  6. I will just share a few thoughts on the previous posts and then some of my own.

    First off, I tend to agree with andronicus. The Robertsons make good money on their hunting paraphernalia and that is their specialty and its a respectable way to make a living. Along the way they are trying their best to share their faith. I admire them for that. But they are not trained in the scriptures the way that someone from a seminary or a monastery would be and they have no real qualification to be publishing bibles. Whatever they add to the scriptures along the way is just going to end up being their own private interpretation and the only attraction for people to buy the thing is Duck Dynasty brand. I am sure they are sincere about the whole thing, but the end result is just as andronicus is saying. They are, in effect, cheapening the gospel by exploiting it for money even though I am sure that is not their intention.

    Ricardo is referring of course to Bobby Jindal who I actually quite like as a person. I am far more concerned about the Robertsons hob nobbing with the others he is referring to like Hannity and Osteen. If they are really trying to reach people with the gospel, which I think they are, they are shooting themselves in the feet by politicizing the whole thing and associating themselves with those who confuse the gospel like Osteen does. And, yes, Ricardo, I completely agree that money and fame are unhealthy attractions for Christians and the Robertsons are getting in pretty deep in regards to that problem.

    And I certainly respect them very much for there stand on the homosexuality issue, just as Steve does, although I think Phil could have thought through his approach on it a lot better and saved himself a lot of problems in the process while still getting his message across loud and clear. But, yes, people who take these sorts of stands are indeed prophets, albeit not always wise as to how they go about it. But I certainly do respect his willingness to take heat for his convictions immensely.

    As for me, my biggest concern about the whole thing is that Phil and his family have an incredible bully pulpit for communicating the gospel via their reality show. But the lack of discretion as to who they associate themselves with and the ill conceive idea of publishing a bible of all things (which I am sure was sold to them by some marketing genius), are putting everything they have worked for at risk. The huge attraction about the Robertsons is their reputation as being ordinary folk. But as Ricardo alludes to in his post, everything they are doing lately is showing them up to be far from ordinary folk and making them look like just another quick buck marketing operation. That will turn a lot of Christians off in the long term and more importantly it will turn off those they are trying to win to Christ in no time. Non-Christians can spot a fake a mile away, and the Robertsons are moving in that direction, at least in appearance and they need to choose between money and fame (the fairy tale Christianity of Joel Osteen) or godly humility and serving Jesus in everything with a lot of sacrifice along the way.

    • I’m not sure any person needs a degree to give personal testimony or express their “core values of faith, family, fellowship, forgiveness and freedom…” (from the publishers press release.

      With few exceptions every doctrine known to man is just somebody’s personal interpretation isn’t it? Pentecostals, Calvinists, Wesleyan Methodists, Catholics all base their doctrines on what they personally have been taught and what they personally believe the scriptures to mean. Most Christians don’t agree with each other because we each have our own opinions. The Robertson’s opinions are a valid as any other person’s no matter if they have a degree or not.

      I’m not really in love with what appears to be the love of materialism and fame that some, but not all or not even most, on the show appear to have. But then I don’t know their hearts, or what they do to help the widows and orphans. Although I do know that that at at least two of the Robertson’s have adopted children.

      BTW I praise God for Joel Osteen. During a moment in my life when I was in the depth of sin and searching for some answers, I was sitting in bed flipping through the channels, smoking a joint, after I’d spent some time surfing porn and I ran across a smiling guy in a shiny suit and something caused me to stop and listen. In short the Lord used that moment to start speaking to me and to start me on the journey back to Him. I support Joel Osteen wholly. I don’t always agree with him, but then I didn’t always agree with my professors at the Bible university where I eventually got my degree, a degree I can say is related to the influence Osteen had on me.

      Osteen may not have the perfect doctrine that the more educated would want him to have, and he readily admits that the only thing he knows about is encouraging people. That’s his gift, he knows thats his gift. He knows he isn’t Billy Graham, that isn’t his gift.

      Instead of being fault finders perhaps we should cut these bothers some slack. We each have our faults and we each have our baggage. We each do the best we can with what we have to work with. Perhaps it’s not the Robertson’s or the Osteen’s that are the problem, perhaps it’s the burden of our own expectations, that we force upon them, that is the problem.

      If the Robertson’s are making mistakes with their sudden fame and fortune I guess I’ll make the choice to pray for them rather than joining the world in piling on, making fun of them and generally acting as if Jesus isn’t my example.

    • Steve, reading through the comments above i don’t see anyone doing anything more then offering good solid Christian advice concerning the Robertsons. The truth is, they are being used by politically minded media pundits at Fox News.

      What use to distress me personally, but now i’ve come to expect it, as it occurs so often, is how all it takes is for some celebrity or “name” to come out with some type of right wing conservative comment (usually, the more outlandish the better) and the next thing we hear is said person is being looked to as a “voice for the church”, called a prophet, or coming out with their own version of the bible. We’ve seen this time after time.

      As for Joel Osteen and your personal experience, i believe God can use anyone or anything (experience, etc) to reach us. If you recall, God even used a donkey once in order to get through to someone. (Numbers 22)

      In 1980 God used a guest who was appearing on the 700 Club to reach out to me the morning i was saved. Does (or did) that mean God sanctions everything Pat Robertson teaches or does…or everything concerning the daily program? Of course not. It just means God chose that morning to call me and used that man’s testimony by which to get my attention. As with Balaam, God could just as easily used my cat to speak to me. aha.

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