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Racism is far from being dead in America

These stories below are becoming more common. Over the past five days I’ve seen at least 4-5 similar news items from around America. And people want to claim racism is a dead issue in America? Think again…it’s alive and kicking.

White Teacher To Black Student: Say ‘Yes Sir, Master’ When You Talk To Me

The Des Moines School Board District has apologized after a white teacher in Iowa told a black student to say ‘Yes, sir, master.’ District spokesman Phil Roeder called the statement “wrong in every way.” He also said Shawn McCurtain, the teacher, remains an employee. So I guess ‘wrong in every way’ isn’t such a big deal to the school district.

In mid-May, the Roosevelt High School teacher told students to move to another spot to take a final test. Senior Jabre White responded, “Yes, sir.” McCurtain then said, “You meant to say, ‘Yes, sir, master.’ ”

According to the Des Moines Register, the 17-year-old student said, “Who the f— are you talking to? You’re nobody’s master, and this is not the slave days.” White was obviously upset and so was his mother, Nicholle White, so she contacted school and district officials. Principal Joseph Blazevich responded to the incident saying it was “terrible” and “shameful,” but he couldn’t discuss any discipline. He says the teacher was remorseful, according to KCII. (Source with video)

And this one, from four days ago,

Supervisor threatens to hang worker for drinking from ‘white people’ fountain

CNN) — The recording sounds like something from Jim Crow days: a white supervisor threatening to hang an African-American employee for drinking water from a “white people” fountain. But it’s 2014, in Memphis, Tennessee. Untonia Harris, who worked at Atkinson Cotton Warehouse, said he used his phone to record his supervisor after feeling discriminated against for months. In the audio, Harris asks if he could use a microwave. Ex-worker: Supervisor said he’d hang me “Hell no!” a man he describes as the supervisor responds. When he asks why, the purported voice from the supervisor says it’s because Harris is not white.

In another attempt to use the water fountain, the supervisor has the same reaction. “I need to put a sign here that says, ‘White people only,'” the voice says. Harris asks what will happen if he is caught drinking from the fountain. The voice replies, “That’s when we hang you.” (Source with more and video)

Believe it was Chief Justice John Roberts who said recently that racism is basically a dead issue in America. Me thinks he needs to get out of his black robe and live out in the real world for awhile, cause racism is far from a dead issue. Frankly, since the election of our current (first black President) I think it’s boldly emerged from the closet where many people conveniently “stuffed it” years ago.


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