Open Letter to President G.W. Bush – 2003

Part of today was spent going through email, some of it a week old. One received over the last day or two was from Andrew Strom. It concerned a message written by Bryan Hupperts in 2003, shortly before the United States invaded Iraq. If you’re not familiar with Bryan Hupperts you can find a few old posts in which I shared a few of his messages here.

As Iraq is once again back in the news in a big way, I thought someone might find it of interest to read Bryan’s “open letter” to (then) President G.W. Bush. I’ll post it as it was sent out by Andrew Strom.


NOTE: A month before the US invasion of Iraq, Bryan Hupperts from the USA released the following prophetic word, for which he was mocked and heavily criticized – especially by Christians. We published it at that time under the following heading-


“To the President Of The United States”
-Bryan Hupperts (Feb 3, 2003)

Dear Mr. President,

Nothing manmade has ever fallen such great heights, as did the
shattered remains of the Space Shuttle Columbia. In an instant,
7 explorers lost their lives in yet another American tragedy. Tears
are the deepest expression of prayer because sometimes there
are simply no words to express the grief… Have you considered
that the repeating tragedies that keep striking the USA are also
warnings of a great storm to come?

Mr. President, I ask you to weigh my words carefully. No
rational person disputes that Saddam Hussein is the bad guy.
Even Muslim leaders will quietly acknowledge that he needs
to be removed from power. Yet I fear our insurgence into Iraq
will end in the greatest of all American tragedies. Sir, you are
leading our country into a diabolically laid trap.

Look to the Columbia as a prophetic warning. Other nations
mock you calling you the Imperial President. If you will seek
God for wisdom to avoid this military conflict, they will revere
you instead as the Regal President. Hussein can be
successfully dealt with only if you and your counselors will
humble yourselves and seek God for wisdom. If we invade
Iraq, it will signal to terrorists around the globe that the West
has declared jihad on Islam and it will ignite a Third World War.

The Pharaoh of Egypt survived the coming famine because he
heeded a godly interpretation of his troubled dreams. Look to
his example and consider the fate of the USA. The Columbia,
a perfect picture of the heights that the USA has flown to,
exploded and rained down in fiery debris all over Palestine, TX.
We need not die so young nor so senselessly as a nation…

Mr. President, rightly did you quote Isaiah when you said,
“Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens.” Yet nothing
manmade has ever fallen from such heights, as did the
Columbia. To openly invade Iraq will bring similar
consequences upon our own shores. Sir, do not leave a
Presidential legacy of, “Blood fire and vapor of smoke.”
Heed the very public warning. Understand the sign in the
sky. Seek the Lord. Thank you. © 2003 Bryan Hupperts.

Andrew also posted this at his website, asking for comments to be shared. You can visit and see what others are saying, and leave your own thoughts, at:

2003 IRAQ PROPHECY – Bryan Hupperts – COMMENTS? 

I’d also be interested in anyone’s thoughts as well….


7 comments on “Open Letter to President G.W. Bush – 2003

  1. He definitely seems bang on, doesn’t he? The States have long since abandoned God (if they ever really knew Him at all), and anything step they make will be into danger.

    It’s only a matter of time before the States looks like a Thriller movie where insurgents take it over from the inside and catch all the fat, dumbed down citizens by surprise and because everyone has been made so comfortable (think of the people on Wall-E), they will not be able to put up any fight at all.

    God is watching, recording everything and the small remnant will be the only ones that will stand up faithful…but I am afraid it will be only a few.

    • Amen Paul. I use to receive Bryan Hupperts ‘SheepTrax’ letters, back years ago. This one i didn’t recall at all. Andrew Strom sent it out and posted it as a prophecy, but i don’t believe this was Bryan’s intention when writing it, for i cannot recall him ever claiming to be a prophet.

      I see this more as a warning which unfortunately, was not heeded. In my opinion the invasion and occupation of Iraq was a crime. Nothing good has come from it, nothing–only bad. Right after posting this last evening i came across a recent article concerning Iraq being back “center-stage” in the news, written by historian Joseph A. Palermo. You may find it interesting. He speaks the truth about the reasons (for) and ultimate fall-out caused by this war.

      See: Iraq and the Neocons: The Sequel

      When reading it, the idea of how the Church went all-out to actively support this, deeply saddened me. I agree with Bryan Hupperts, it was a trap. One which played upon the myth of American exceptionalism.

  2. President Bush was but a puppet. And the real power behind the throne in those days is at it again in a bold and broad initiative to bring back the days of a warlord style American foreign policy that shoots first and asks questions later. Rand Paul is standing pretty much alone these days among the politicians and presenting a very well thought out case against the Cheney initiative.



    Both articles are good reading although the first will probably leave many of you a bit nauseated.

    • George, thanks for the links. Over the last few days i’ve seen a number of articles concerning the two Cheney’s (father and daughter) recent public comments. The fact either feel they have a leg to stand on in addressing what is occurring within Iraq now, would almost be laughable except for the fact some within the media STILL think they do. All i can say is this nation has lost it’s sanity. We are a deluded nation being guided by deluded people. And the majority of people listening to these folks are just as deluded.

      Yes i agree, Bush was a puppet. I think during the last half of his second term in office he become aware of how he had been lied to and duped. Or maybe im fooling myself, perhaps he still thinks his actions were right. Could be wishful thinking on my part.

  3. One of the commentators wrote: “The anti-Christ will be a man of war. He won’t be a coward, or a man who is weak, ill-prepared, or wishy-washy, or prefers to work diplomatically. For those who hate meekness and love hubris and war-mongering and crusading with the banner of the christian religion held high, they may get the King they deserve and demand.”

    Earlier in the same post, she also wrote that American “Christians” are searching for a king, though they dislike the “king” handed to them by our “secular democracy.” And she further states that we might just receive the type of King we deserve (the anti-Christ).

    This is interesting as I have also noticed two things lately: The first is that the “right-wing” is not a huge fan of democracy anyway, and there are plenty of them who are closet fascists, itching for a totalitarian regime made after their own image. I say this because I have encountered these “Monarchists,” actually, and other such weird folk, and I am conscious of the Dominionism of Cruz and others. I also understand what’s at the bottom of it: frustration over a seeming loss of power in the country and a desire to force their will over others. I also know that even among the less radical, they are conscious of the fact that the less people show up the vote, the higher their chances are that they win.

    The second realization is this: Russia’s Putin is greatly admired by many of these people because of his being a “man of war… [Not] a coward, or a man who is weak, ill-prepared, or wishy-washy, or prefers to work diplomatically.” Vladimir Putin utilizes the far right throughout the world for his strategic aims, although he is allegedly fighting a “anti-Nazi” war in Ukraine. One of his “strategists” Alexandr Dugin, apparently a big fan of the satanist Aleister Crowley, advocates not only the conquest of Georgia and Ukraine (and other former soviet bloc countries), but also of the United States. He foresees a great war between the “land power” and the “sea power” that will end in the former’s victory and conquest over the whole world. He is no communist, but rather prefers the type of “volkish” national socialism of Hitler’s Germany. His love affair of the occult revolves around reviving a paganism which he sees as original to ethnic Russians. This is a trend in the majority of Europe’s New Right as well. A racist Neo-Paganism is all the rage with them, though the clerical fascist types and “Christian” Monarchists are not cold to these sorts, or to Putin, either. This is the dirty little secret that some far right “Christians” in this country are either ignorant of, or refuse to care about, as they champion Putin as some Christian King. Though I will note that Ted Cruz has publicly condemned Putin, so they are not all for him.

    (By the way, Putin’s support isn’t entirely far right. The communists in his country quite enjoy the idea of reestablishing the former USSR’s territory too, and Dugin himself was formerly with the Communists before he decided to do this own thing. And even the Communist Party USA has been supporting Putin’s war in Ukraine. This is not strange. Nyquist, an analyst on Russia, calls it the convergence of the far right and far left under Russia.)

    Nyquist on this subject recently hypothesized that the “hand of Moscow”, its secret service in its influence over the media, can be seen also in the far right in our country. Alex Jones, paleoconservatives like Buchanan, and David Horowitz, are either apologetic for Putin, big fans of his, or else dismissive of viewing him as a threat to our democracy. Horowitz, for example, expends most of his energy on demonizing Muslims as all potential killers of us, and is even called the “grandfather” of such characterizations, and recently condemned (in a very dishonest and unjust way) another commentator who wrote bad things about the Russian government. Nyquist thinks it is not inconceivable that Russia would spend money and effort to recruit or promote these kinds of demagogues, and they have not shied away from doing this before. One of the “ghost stories” spies/agents (the group that had that red-head, who, unfortunately, received all the attention) sent back to Russia a few years ago spread Alex-Jones type conspiracy theories in a Spanish language newspaper based in New York. She now works in Russian state controlled media. Putin also courts conservatives in this country, rather directly I believe, through his condemnation of the homosexuals in his country, and his (seeming) embrace of the Russian Orthodox Church (by the way, the patriarch of the ROC is, in fact, a former agent of the KGB. This is like a Gestapo member being put in charge of all the Orthodox Jews). Putin presents himself to us as a Christian traditionalist, even being described by some conservatives as a “Christian King”, and for this, many conservatives love and admire him. (To be fair, not ALL conservatives have a love affair for Putin, but the ones that do are not a small number.)

    I don’t know if Putin will be the anti-Christ, or if there is even just one “anti-Christ,” rather than millions of them. But Vladimir Putin is a good example, at least, of the kind of leader this commentator is thinking of. That the Right in this country is attracted to these sorts of people is undeniable.

    By the way, this is off topic, but I intensely dislike Andrew Strom these days. Andrew was promoting some European fellow awhile back, a faith healer, who did uninspiring stuff like making uneven legs match up through the power of the omnipotent. I read the faith healer’s one book that he offered free online, and discovered the wretch was a hardcore Finnyist (almost sounding just like Finney, the influence was very strong and obvious), complete with the implied denial of Original Sin and with an emphasis on achieving a sinless state. On Romans 7, the wretch gave the usual arguments that Pelagian heretics do in insisting that Paul was not speaking of himself as a Christian.I suspect that Strom himself supports these sorts of things, and it annoyed me to read his comments on that thread in light of this.

    My message to Andrew Strom would be: Before he pokes his nose into the evil-doings of American Christians (and I do not disagree with him very much on it), he ought to drive out the fraudsters he previously promoted, and firmly declare his belief in our sin nature and the proper interpretation of Romans 7. I believe I either sent an email to Strom about this, or else posted something about it on his forum, and was subsequently banned in an instant. I don’t get his Revival School emails anymore either, though maybe they’re not arriving for some technical reason.

    • I also understand what’s at the bottom of it: frustration over a seeming loss of power in the country and a desire to force their will over others. I also know that even among the less radical, they are conscious of the fact that the less people show up the vote, the higher their chances are that they win.

      Excellent observation Ricardo. I think you’re correct, it is about power, or in this case the loss of it.

      The second realization is this: Russia’s Putin is greatly admired by many of these people because of his being a “man of war…

      Amen. And many Americans (especially Evangelical Americans) equate that type of war-like persona with power.

      That the Right in this country is attracted to these sorts of people is undeniable.

      Yes and that includes the Christian right.

      You mention Andrew Strom. I receive periodic emails from his organization/ministry, and have for years, but don’t know what he’s been involved in in recent years. His emails are usually quotes from past bible scholars, teachers, preachers, etc, and once in awhile, something like this (above). I use to follow his ministry more closely but hven’t for years. Hope he hasn’t become involved with fake healers etc. I know years ago he use to teach against these false faith healers.

      Anyway, great comment Ricardo! You make some very interesting points worth pondering over.

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