ISIS inadvertently creates Gospel curiosity in Iraq

Mike Ratliff put up a new post today. Though it answers no specific questions concerning the situation surrounding the urgent prayer request posted below, it offers evidence of the mighty power of the Gospel to prevail.

John 12:“Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds”

A few days ago I posted an email I received from my brother-in-law about what ISIS was doing in IRAQ. Here is a follow up from Mission Network News about the very same region.


Working in northern Iraq’s Kurdish region day and night to help meet the needs of people displaced by the threats and violence of the terror group Islamic State (ISIS) in Mosul and other areas, members of an Iraqi ministry team recently came into contact with a colonel from the Kurdish forces battling ISIS.

The colonel was serving as a division commander of the Peshmerga, the Kurdistan Regional Government’s armed forces, which have helped to slow the incursion of ISIS in its brutal push to establish a caliphate imposing a strict version of Sunni Islam. With the aid of U.S. airstrikes, the Peshmerga have also slowly retaken some territory. They are helping to secure the Kurdish capital of Erbil, where the ministry team assisted by Christian Aid Mission is supplying displaced people with food, clothing, beds, and medicine.

The colonel had a few questions for the team members: What was the reason for offering all this aid? What was the motivation, what was the source of it?

“We spoke with him explicitly, explaining everything to him, saying that Christ taught us to love and express our love to the people in a practical way,” said the team director, who informed the officer that all relief items had been donated or purchased locally.

The Peshmerga colonel, whose name is withheld for security reasons, was quick to respond.

“You see the Arabs around you in the Gulf states, which claim to be religious Muslims, have not sent us anything but terrorists,” he told the ministry team members. “But you who follow Christ send love and peace and goodness to people every day.”

The conversation continued at length, the ministry team director said.

“After we had a long talk with him about Christ, he bowed and prayed, asking Christ into his life,” the director said. “And he said, ‘Today I am the happiest person! I’ve had the privilege of making this decision,’ and he received a copy of the Bible.”

The colonel’s experience was just one of many taking place in Iraq. In cities of refuge like Erbil for people displaced from their homes in other parts of Iraq, people are turning to Christ at a stunning pace. Tent churches are springing up in the makeshift camps. Under normal circumstances, mission strategies focus on how to proclaim Christ effectively, but the challenge now is keeping pace with the number who would receive Him, the director said.

“The greatest challenge in the ministry right now is not whether these people will accept Christ or not,” he said. “In all our travel to deliver the aid and preach God’s Word, we did not find anyone opposed to or rejecting our message. The challenge is how and when we will reach all those people with the message of salvation in the squares, sidewalks, roads, inside the tents and out, and everywhere.”

Continued Here

Romans 5: – “….But where sin multiplied, grace multiplied even more”

9 comments on “ISIS inadvertently creates Gospel curiosity in Iraq

  1. Praise God! This is exactly what I was talking with my family about. The more Christians they kill, the more God saves. Kill one, you get three back! Haha…thanks ISIS!!

  2. […] God the glory and praise due Him for what He is doing in the world? Have you given God praise for Islam and what they are doing to Christians? What?! Are you nuts?! You might say…But the reason why […]

  3. Praise God for this report. Nothing catches God by surprise or overwhelms Him, and no scheme of darkness is more powerful than His gospel and His kingdom. I’ve heard a few other good reports like this one, and I pray that the believers who remain in that area will hear about them as well and that their hearts will be kept from falling into despair or fear.

    • Yes, Praise God! I don’t mind admitting Adam, the earlier report (prayer request post below) not only stunned but shook me as well. Reading this helped to remind me that God’s Holy Spirit is continuing to work, even in the midst of the “darkest darkness.”

  4. PJ (and others),

    This evening I saw an article further illustrating the point of this post. These testimonies of what God is doing in the Middle East, right in the middle of a big mess, are tremendous. Here are a few excerpts, followed by a link to the article:

    “The nightly news may present disturbing images and a bleak outlook for the Middle East. Yet behind the horror of war, God is touching hearts in powerful ways, unleashing His Spirit among refugees, their families, and into surrounding communities and nations.” …

    “There is something happening right now that is unprecedented,” says Brother Thomas*, a Middle East coordinator for All Nations. “The spiritual openness is incredible.” …

    Brother Thomas knows other Christian workers equally amazed. “I have friends who have been here 17-20 years and it’s mind boggling for them,” he says. “Previously they shared with someone for seven or eight years before they came to know Jesus. Now it happens in two or three months and they bring others with them

    …when I talk to my friends in the area I see the Kingdom is coming – people are coming to the Lord. Whole families are coming to Christ, communities are changing, I can see the Kingdom expanding.”

    Link to article: http://blog.godreports.com/2014/10/the-extraordinary-move-of-god-in-middle-east/

    • Thank you sooo much for sharing this Adam. Speaking for myself, i needed to read this. We’re living in a frightening time and need to know God’s Spirit is still working in the midst of this season.

      It kind of reminded me of the book of Acts, which i just finished re-reading. The young Church was so heavily persecuted during those early years but on the other hand, it saw great growth! Many gave their lives for following “The Way” and if not their lives they suffered greatly….i was thinking of all Paul went through only today.

      When we think of an end-day harvest we don’t see it as coming about through such persecution, but it seems to be occurring in the middle-east. The Church of our GREAT Lord Jesus Christ is growing! PRAISE GOD!

    • God’s got it all under control. We as believers in His complete sovereignty, must always remember this. It may seem a mess o this earth and in various countries, but it’s all one big well-oiled machine for His glory.

      Isis is on God’s leash and fulfilling His plans. They are no more in control than any of us. All they are doing is following the path laid before them by a sovereign God.

    • Amen Paul, God is in control. If i didn’t know that i’d live in fear. What’s occurring should make us all the more eager to get the Gospel message out to friends, loved ones, and the world at large.

      Don’t believe in my 34 + years of knowing Jesus i’ve ever felt so compelled to do so, and to pray daily for our brothers and sisters around the world.

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