Joining Islamic State is about ‘sex and aggression,’ not religion

God has a way of confirming things He reveals.

From the moment I saw the first photos depicting members of this newest terrorist group and began to read reports of young girls leaving home and country in order to “join up” with ISIS (or Islamic State) I sensed this group was a “different type” of terrorist organization. While napping a few weeks ago, I believe the Holy Spirit showed me the essence of these differences: I was deeply disturbed for days afterward.

While it possesses all the “bells and whistles” we’ve come to expect from a terrorist group/organization, it’s nevertheless ‘different’. It actually reminds me of many of the life-like (killing) video games young people and even adults are into playing today.

That’s all I feel to say on the topic, except to add this article I read tonight confirmed a few things I had already been shown, and to add the question, how do you fight this? You can’t bomb a spiritual enemy out of existence.

Analysis: Joining Islamic State is about ‘sex and aggression,’ not religion



2 comments on “Joining Islamic State is about ‘sex and aggression,’ not religion

  1. Our Government, and all the people around the World only associate it with being Terrorism. They do not see the Evil as a spirit. As with War terror comes in many different ways. I can no longer raise my hand to my heart when people salute a soldier. I do not know who he/she is, and I really do not know what terror they have brought into the lives of others. Over the years I have seen too many programs about the raping, and even raping and killing children and women… and at times young men. It sickens me to know this happens and our Officers hide the evidence, tell women to keep their mouth shut, and the rapist goes unpunished. Yes, even in the USA military.

    • Over time i’ve learned my allegiance cannot be divided H. Therefore i stand for and with Christ and His kingdom only. I confess it took the unprovoked invasion of Iraq to finally open my eyes. Once they were opened though, i had to make a choice.

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