As a Christian and just a human being, I grieve at this….

When I read things like this at secular news sites it grieves me deeply. My first thought is how many reading this believe this is typical of Christians and Christianity. I sincerely hope none do, but it is sure to plant seeds, nevertheless, in light of this man being referred to as a “Christian” pastor in the headline. This man is not a Christian.

I’m not going to quote from the article, only offer the link: ‘Christian’ Pastor Prays For President’s Death, Calls Obama’s Mother A Whore 



4 comments on “As a Christian and just a human being, I grieve at this….

  1. I can’t think of anything negative enough to say 😦 but if I was a member there I would be out of that door like a shot, never to return.

    • I agree. In the past i’ve posted about other outlandish comments this so-called pastor has made, but this is sickening.

      Makes you wonder what kind of people these are, who attend his ‘church’, doesn’t it–like-minded, just like him, im sure.

  2. He reminds of that church that goes around and degrades the military and other people who aren’t like them. I can’t even remember their name, I guess that’s a good thing? Didn’t the leader just die recently? I think that church is from Florida? Where is the humility and meekness and the Christ-like actions that should be exhibited as a true child of God?

    • I know who u mean, though can’t recall his name either. It was Fred, “something” i think.

      He and this man exhibit nothing which could be said to be Christ-like; just the opposite.

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