Former Mossad Chief: The nation of Israel is galloping blindly toward Bar Kochba’s war on the Roman Empire

This is an interesting article appearing in Haaretz today, written by the former Mossad Chief,  Shabtai Shavit

From the comment section: “The right simply believes that it will bring the nation to this dangerous, unnecessary brink deliberately—simply to force the US’ hand and bring it into war with the enemies it has stirred up. In so doing, it will make the US the target of collateral damage; in confidence that terrified American citizens will then bring the US right to power in 2016. Which will then protect the Israeli settler right unquestioningly, to the point of fighting other Western countries over its future. And that, dear friends, is almost certainly the strategy. Destroy the viable future of both Israel and the USA in order to protect the settlers now—because once the US is pushed rightward this time, the Supreme Court and gerrymandering will keep it from ever turning left again”

The nation of Israel is galloping blindly toward Bar Kochba’s war on the Roman Empire. The result of that conflict was 2,000 years of exile.

From the beginning of Zionism in the late 19th century, the Jewish nation in the Land of Israel has been growing stronger in terms of demography and territory, despite the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians. We have succeeded in doing so because we have acted with wisdom and stratagem rather than engaging in a foolish attempt to convince our foes that we were in the right.

Today, for the first time since I began forming my own opinions, I am truly concerned about the future of the Zionist project. I am concerned about the critical mass of the threats against us on the one hand, and the government’s blindness and political and strategic paralysis on the other. Although the State of Israel is dependent upon the United States, the relationship between the two countries has reached an unprecedented low point. Europe, our biggest market, has grown tired of us and is heading toward imposing sanctions on us. For China, Israel is an attractive high-tech project, and we are selling them our national assets for the sake of profit. Russia is gradually turning against us and supporting and assisting our enemies.

Anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel have reached dimensions unknown since before World War II. Our public diplomacy and public relations have failed dismally, while those of the Palestinians have garnered many important accomplishments in the world. University campuses in the West, particularly in the U.S., are hothouses for the future leadership of their countries. We are losing the fight for support for Israel in the academic world. An increasing number of Jewish students are turning away from Israel. The global BDS movement (boycott, divestment, sanctions) against Israel, which works for Israel’s delegitimization, has grown, and quite a few Jews are members.

I am concerned that for the first time, I am seeing haughtiness and arrogance, together with more than a bit of the messianic thinking that rushes to turn the conflict into a holy war. If this has been, so far, a local political conflict that two small nations have been waging over a small and defined piece of territory, major forces in the religious Zionist movement are foolishly doing everything they can to turn it into the most horrific of wars, in which the entire Muslim world will stand against us.

I also see, to the same extent, detachment and lack of understanding of international processes and their significance for us. This right wing, in its blindness and stupidity, is pushing the nation of Israel into the dishonorable position of “the nation shall dwell alone and not be reckoned among the nations” (Numbers 23:9).

I am concerned because I see history repeating itself. The nation of Israel is galloping blindly in a time tunnel to the age of Bar Kochba and his war on the Roman Empire. The result of that conflict was several centuries of national existence in the Land of Israel followed by 2,000 years of exile.

The religious Zionist movement, by comparison, believes the Jews are “God’s chosen.” This movement, which sanctifies territory beyond any other value, is prepared to sacrifice everything, even at the price of failure and danger to the Third Commonwealth. If destruction should take place, they will explain it in terms of faith, saying that we failed because “We sinned against God.” Therefore, they will say, it is not the end of the world. We will go into exile, preserve our Judaism and wait patiently for the next opportunity….

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4 comments on “Former Mossad Chief: The nation of Israel is galloping blindly toward Bar Kochba’s war on the Roman Empire

  1. After reading this, I’m not sure that I really understand the main point of this? However, since the British and the U.N. gave the land to the remnant of Jews throughout the world, they have been a target by the Muslims. Nothing has changed since then, only intermittent battles and wars and times of pseudo peace time? America’s role with Israel has increased through the years to where the U.S. is not only the big brother of Israel, but the protector. Which means of course, we will be involved in war if it gets to that point. It’s like this, if you bad guys want to take out Israel, you are going to have to go through US first! This stance really has been the trump card for all these years. I don’t think the Muslim world really wants to get into a world war three type situation to where they will be annihilated? But no matter what happens, as a Christian, I have no fear, God didn’t give us the Spirit of fear. All our trust and protection should be on Jesus no matter what else is going on in the world. I guess we can thank the Brits and the U.N. for this…;)

    • He is pointing out the ‘road’ the far-right is taking Israel down, is comparable to the revolt led by Simon bar Kokhba in 132-136 BC, and is heading for the same disastrous ending.

      You can read about it here aagrove.

      However, since the British and the U.N. gave the land to the remnant of Jews throughout the world, they have been a target by the Muslims.

      There is a lot more to it then simply this. I try (with difficulty) to avoid the political aspects of this topic, but would suggest if you’ve never actually read the Balfour Declaration, read it. You’ll find that the people living there at the time (prior 1948) were lied to and purposefully deceived. What has been occurring since this was signed (by ALL parties) and continues today, is illegal and inhumane. The US has and does play a large part in this mess, and sadly many Christians in the west support the stealing of land which occurs daily. I try to stay on the topic as to how it affects the Church, but as i said, sometimes its difficult when seeing what is happening.

      I ‘believe’ Adam, over at Pursuing Truth blog has something posted on the Balfour Papers. I’ll check with him and if he does will share the link here for you.

    • I dropped Adam a note asking if it wasn’t at his blog i had come across a post on the topic of the Balfour agreement. If (or when) i hear back i will post the link. In the meantime the link below is one of many articles on the subject which appeared in the last couple years after certain portions/papers were released on the topic. It should give you an idea of the duplicity which surrounded this so-called agreement. Check it out if you have time.

      Balfour and Palestine, a legacy of deceit, by Anthony Nutting

      A great book i read which covered the topic was Timothy P. Weber’s, “On the Road to Armageddon: How Evangelicals Became Israel’s Best Friend

      Also, Stephen Sizer’s book (which i also read), “Christian Zionism”

    • Yea, Israel is a nice little brother, just remember USS LIberty or 9/11.

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