Ron Paul Calls Out Evangelicals Who Support War

Interesting to read of a politician doing what Church leaders here in America fail to do.


Former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul claims that evangelical Christians are in the wrong when they support war and other heavy-handed tactics to advance America’s national-security interests.

Paul espouses the view that war and strong-arm diplomacy, both part of the United States’ “compulsion” to police the world, are fundamentally unsound policies.

Most disturbingly, he said, is that a vocal minority of the Christian evangelical community is strongly in favor of such foreign policy stances and considers die-hard support of Israel, for instance, to be a litmus test for any political candidate. Asked why some evangelicals have gone down a path of militarism, Paul does not even hazard a guess.

Paul discussed some of his core values as an American and as a human being. He offered insight on the problems facing the nation today, as well as reflections on his three failed presidential campaigns as a libertarian in an interview with FTMDaily… (interview/video)

“It’s probably been going on for a hundred years or so, that there’s been a segment of the Christian faith that endorses this violence,” remarked Paul. “It’s one of the discouraging things for me because it’s, to me, so inconsistent. It doesn’t even make any sense to me. I was taught that the New Testament was a ‘new’ testament, and that we didn’t have sacrifices and other things of the Old Testament. My understanding is that Jesus was the Prince of Peace, and that you weren’t out looking for war.” (source)


7 comments on “Ron Paul Calls Out Evangelicals Who Support War

  1. I concur with Ron Paul on this one.
    Matthew 5:39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.
    We’re not to resist evil.
    We’re to offer our other cheek
    Also, if we have hate in our heart for others, we are guilty of murder, and of such are not in the Kingdom of God. If it costs us our life, then so be it. If we are living truly as a child of God, then there is nothing to fear.

    • Amen, i also agree with Ron Paul.

      It is quite astounding that we must hear this from a politician, while the so-called Western leaders of the faith (granted, most are self-proclaimed) are silent on this important issue.

  2. Amazing to hear wisdom from a politician. He took his political hat off and spoke the truth. Very few would risk that chance, given their family members might run. Some evangelicals do love to follow the leaders that interfere with God’s dominion. Which politicians fast and pray and seek God’s counsel regarding Israel, or any nation for that matter? They (professed christian politicians) make great claims during campaigns for votes, but rarely talk about their conversation with the Lord on the matter, which is telling, because how could the Lord condone this? The soldiers, money, logistics, energy it takes to interfere in God’s ultimate plans for the world should not be something we get involved in, because we, as christians, will have to stand before God and give account for the deaths of innocent casualties overseas. Are we proud that our tax dollars support this stuff, as christians? This new militant kind of christianity springing up can’t be of God.

    In the flesh, of course, we would give our friends help against their enemies and want them to live safely. But, as christians, we have to chose whether we offer them weapons of war or pray for them with our spiritual weapons. I can’t understand how we, the church, got so caught up in the affairs of man and government, especially Israel. I was one of those believers, becoming excited to hear about the 6-day war miracles and wanting the blessings from blessing Israel, like prophecy teachers were teaching; but I believe we may have misunderstood what actual blessing and cursing meant when it involves Israel. As new Covenant believers through Christ, we can no longer take sides. I know the Lord loves the apple of His eye and will keep His promises to her, but it is not a disciple’s job to form alliances and allegiances.

    • As new Covenant believers through Christ, we can no longer take sides.

      I agree. We were not called to take sides but to proclaim the love of Christ and the message of the Gospel, to all people equally. This is why “Christian” politics is (and has been) such a damaging tool of our enemy.

  3. War mongering is never good (and what I’m about to write is a bit off topic, really, since we ought to judge something by its merits, but I think you will find this information interesting) but Paul is a huge hypocrite and possibly even a traitor to the country. Keep in mind, he believes Obama is behind the events in Ukraine, and that Russia is justified in invading. Right now Russian soldiers are cutting off heads and sticking them in boxes to send to the parents (and bragging about it). Bodies are found in mass graves with signs of torture by fire, knives, bullets to feet, etc. Women have their faces turned to mush and are gang-raped by Russian soldiers because they said something mildly opposed to the Russian regime. All of this Paul turns a blind eye to as he condemns the United States. Not only does Paul appear on Russian propaganda networks to do this, several members of his “peace and prosperity” foundation have ties to shady Pro-Russian/Totalitarian organizations in Europe and to Russian fascists like Alexandr Dugin, who are also used by the regime in the Kremlin to recruit Fascists and Stalinists to invade countries like Ukraine. Here is a good link on it from Shekhovtsov:


    You should check out his blog too, as he is a European liberal and anti-Russist who does great research on Russia’s infiltration of the Right-Wing across the world, amongst many other nefarious deeds. (Though the Russians also have control over the Communist parties in various countries, so it’s not one sided.)

  4. Ron Paul and his son Rand are guys I greatly admire even though I don’t always agree with them. They seem to have insights into political issues that both typical Democrats and typical Republicans lack. They are a great asset to our country in my opinion. Thank God for them.

    • Yes i agree. They seem to be the only two in politics today who see things in the correct light. Though i’d always liked Ron, though like you did not always agree with him, Rand i wasn’t too fond of. But over time i’ve started to pay closer attention to the things he says and have found i actually like many of his purposed policies!

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