Pat Robertson speaks (again) and the Church Shudders

While I don’t think Pat Robertson is an evil man, he is certainly one of the most ignorant. How in ‘blue-blazes’ can such a well known representative of Christianity defend torture of any type! This old man needs to retire and get out of the public spotlight. He is a hindrance to the faith….


Televangelist Pat Robertson defended the use of torture by the U.S. today, telling “700 Club” viewers that they shouldn’t be troubled by the impending release of a Senate report on torture since such “rather rough” practices were necessary to stop terrorist attacks.

“You may be shocked at some of that, but the truth is we didn’t have another incident after 9/11 and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, he was caught, he was the mastermind, and they were rather rough with him but they learned invaluable information,” he said. “So I know it seems brutal but that’s the way it was.”

According to Sen. John McCain, “the use of ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ on Khalid Sheik Mohammed produced false and misleading information” while “the best intelligence gained from a CIA detainee” was “obtained through standard, noncoercive means.”

Immediately after his remarks on torture, Robertson accused the Obama administration of releasing “30,000 immigrant criminals” into the U.S., citing a wildly inflated figure that mostly includes people who committed traffic violations.

(You can watch this fiasco on a clip at the above link) 


2 comments on “Pat Robertson speaks (again) and the Church Shudders

  1. Pat Robertson has said some unbiblical things these past years on his program, in his advice to his viewer’s questions, regarding the question of it men should remarry while they’re wife is incapacitated or senile. Is this what the bible means when it says it is very hard for a rich man to enter heaven? Not because of his riches so much, but because he becomes sought out as a celebrity and for advice and is taken as a muse almost. That sense of accomplishment men get when they succeed and thrive turns some into egomaniacs where they believe they have the words of life. Pat Robertson does need to retire and repent.

    And for him to approve torture, well, this has been vocally approved by many other professed christians along the way. Sarah Palin made on oft remark to a NRA crowd about baptizing terrorists by waterboarding them; she also once wrote a post about a criminal case, and I believe she joked about her wanting to see him charged and she’d bring the rope. In another case, she referred in a post about “hanging em’ high”. Is this the kind of talk a christian would make? To laugh about lynching people, or killing people, or torturing others? Did the apostles and the First Church talk like this or even entertain this sentiment? Of course not, they were Ambassadors of peace and shod with the gospel of peace. The kind of christians we’re hearing of today have been sent a strong delusion. It is not christianity anymore. It’s a false christianity many churches and religious organizations are promoting. Jesus has nothing to do with it. It’s a painful time these past few years and months for me to have finally realized this.

    • Marie, i don’t know what has happened to him. He and his program were a lot different 35 years ago when i watched it as a lost sinner. It was actually many of the wonderful life-changing testimonies they use to share, which God used to draw me to Christ. Sadly, Pat and his daily program changed drastically in the years after this, once he dove head-first into politics.

      The same could be said about Jerry Fawell. By the mid 1980’s these men of God were taken over by politics. Pat does more harm then good now, concerning the Gospel. He needs to retire and get off the air; actually he should have done so many years ago…

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