Peter Laarman,  a United Church of Christ minister, expresses some personal thoughts concerning the recently released ‘torture report’ and sadly, the reactions of many of our elected political representatives. 


The U.S. has been publicly, globally, shamed in consequence of the gut-wrenching disclosures in the Torture Report. And, oh my, how we dreaded this day of revelation, especially coming on the heels of ample further confirmation that Black lives matter hardly at all to a majority of American whites.

A big part of the executive branch anxiety and inter-branch wrangling that delayed the release of the Torture Report for years clearly reflected what can only be called a guilty conscience: lots of people worrying that there would be retaliation against the U.S. on account of these dark deeds.

Like a child who knows that he has done wrong, behaved shamefully, we expect to get a deserved spanking. We are particularly ashamed of how we ditched our morality during a period of panic. There’s much more going on here than mere embarrassment.

But there have been no major incidents of anti-U.S. violence anywhere in the world so far. And why? Perhaps because the rest of the world already knows things about us that we steadfastly refuse to acknowledge: That we are deeply violent; that we are, in relation to our military and economic interactions with the rest of the world, remarkably aggressive and avaricious; that we are careless of human rights and human dignity—especially so in regard to our brutal oppression of African Americans for centuries; and that we believe ourselves, ludicrously, to be morally better than other nations.

Note that “different” is the word that our politicians, Republican and Democrat, use to mean distinctly better than other peoples.

And what an amazing level of self-deception that is, say the world’s other peoples, shaking their heads over white America’s delusional self-love.

I believe that what most dismays international observers of today’s America—and I refer to people who want to admire our country more than they now do—is the absence of spiritual maturity in a country that claims to be close to God and where so many say religious belief is central in their lives.

Spiritual maturity allows individual persons and whole nations (Germany and South Africa, most notably) to pass through a necessary process of self-examination and repentance.

Repentance first and foremost requires acknowledgement of the realities of the misdeeds; it requires honest self-examination.

Today’s spate of denials, the “many misgivings” responses coming from the liberals, and the bitter attacks on the credibility of the Torture Report all tell us that white Americans (not just the blaring and bullying Saxby Chamblisses)—and white American Christians in particular—are nowhere close to acknowledging that our ethical behavior in the Land of the Free has fallen rather short of what our professed traditions require and expect.

Repentance, feeling the full weight of the wrong, is the only way forward. Asking forgiveness, not breathing denial and defiance, is the only way forward.

And it’s personal, not just political.

Yesterday morning I found myself having trouble at the opening of a public meeting in Los Angeles. I was distracted, and I didn’t see it coming. A diminutive, uniformed WWII vet stepped forward to lead us in the Pledge. He asked us to stand in a clear strong voice. I stood. I placed my hand on my heart. But I stumbled and my voice fell silent after “and to the Republic for which it stands.”

It was just too painful to say the rest.

Also see: Defenders Of The CIA’s Torture Program Dig In

Key figures in the George W. Bush administration and an architect of the CIA’s post-9/11 torture program are defending the so-called enhanced interrogation tactics in the wake of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s bombshell report.

*Pardon the editing but I have to add this. This hypocritical  statement below was made by chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus:

“If you’re looking at the evidence, what you will see is a party (Republican) that embraces life, a party that embraces marriage and a chairman that understands that there’s only one sovereign God and that we ultimately aren’t dependent on what happens in politics. What ultimately matters in our lives is that we’re salt and light in the world and that we’re honoring God in the things that we do every day.  I think our party gets that and there’s never been a movement away from that.” –  source

In view of the contents of this horrendous report, what type of person would dare make such a statement! What matters is we’re “salt and light in the world!!?” These politicians are delusional if they can honestly believe the actions taken by the previous administration denotes our being “salt and light” to the world.



  1. This is very interesting …

    Written by Ryan Casey: J.D. candidate, University of Washington School of Law; Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy.

    “The Bush-Cheney torture techniques were never meant to elicit reliable intelligence–they were meant to torture. I know, because they were used on me”

    See: CIA Interrogation Program Was Re-Reverse-Engineered Torture

  2. After reading this, I became very ambivalent. Let me first say as a Christian, this is appalling and wrong for any so-called Christian to support. However, I believe that all this hypocrisy stems from the Democratic side more than the Republican side. Why, as we have seen, the Republicans for the most part have been for this. It has been the democrats that have spoken out against it. They have fully known all about the tactics used by the United States, so this isn’t any big epiphany to say the least.
    You have the far-left loony Liberals, combined with progressives and the infiltration of communists that are constantly voicing that America is the culprit here as if America is the only one culpable here regarding torture or whatever? As I prefaced already, torture is wrong. To say that America is totally evil in light of these documents being revealed is sanctimonious at the least and rather mendacious and devious at best by the democratic side at best. We have been constantly saturated with how evil America is since Obama has taken over. To me, this is along those same lines. Just another tactic of blaming America, but mostly “white America” for everything! To even come out with how evil American is because of torture, when the Middle East does far worse atrocities. Every country uses some form of torture and our hypocritical leaders are fully aware of this. If this is what some are using to slap the America with the ‘proverbial guilt trip’, then I’d say we really are not too bad compared to the rest of the world! When have we beheaded someone lately? and just kill innocent people for no reason? and use women and children to hide behind all the while shooting and dispersing bombs? As I said, torture is wrong, but I am ambivalent at best on this, since others do far worse. I hope the real true Christians are not in support of this, as some pseudo-Christians have so willingly embraced.
    Just my honest two cents worth. thank you

  3. A can of worms has been opened 😦

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