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Judgment is coming

Excellent post at Mike Ratliff’s blog tonight. Hope you will take time to read it folks.

When our Lord returns, and we know that He will because He said He would, it will not be as it was at His incarnation. He came as a suffering servant, being born as humble child to a common family. However, when He returns it will be in glory. This Greek word is δόξα or doxa. That should sound a bit familiar to you. Think of the word ‘doxology.’ This word, δόξα, means, “the appearance, reputation, and glory belonging to a person with honor and renown.”

Notice that when our Lord comes in His δόξα all will be centered in Him for who He is. His second coming will be glorious! All of the angels will be with Him. He will then sit on His throne (θρόνος) of δόξα. This throne of glory will become the center of everyone’s attention because our Lord in all His δόξα will be on it. Then every person who has ever lived will be gathered before Him. He will then separate them into two groups. The Greek word for separate used here is ἀφορίζω or aphorizō. This is an interesting word. It means to create a boundary or divide that excludes one side from the other. There will be no fence sitters. The right is the preferred side. Those placed on His right are the sheep while those placed on the left are the goats. There will be no goats on His right side and no sheep on the left side. Then our Lord will address those on His right.

See: Judgment is coming

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