You Cannot Be Christian and Support Torture

Thanks to Steve for directing me to this post: I agree with the author (Brian Zahnd).

You cannot be Christian and support torture. I want to be utterly explicit on this point. There is no possibility of compromise. The support of torture is off the table for a Christian. I suppose you can be some version of a “patriot” and support the use of torture, but you cannot be any version of Christian and support torture. So choose one: A torture-endorsing patriot or a Jesus-following Christian. But don’t lie to yourself that you can be both. You cannot.

(Clearly you do not have to be a Christian to reject the barbarism of torture, you simply need to be a humane person. But to be a Christian absolutely requires you to reject the use of torture.)

I remember when Pew Research released their findings in 2009 revealing that six out of ten white evangelicals supported the use of torture on suspected terrorists. (Patton Dodd talks about thathere.) The survey stunned me. I spoke about it from the pulpit in 2009 and have continued to do so. I said it then and I’m saying it again today: You cannot support the use of torture and claim to be a follower of Jesus.

Any thoughtful person, no matter their religion or non-religion, knows that you cannot support torturing people and still claim to be a follower of the one who commanded his disciples to love their enemies. The only way around this is to invent a false Jesus who supports the use of torture. (The Biblical term for this invented false Jesus is “antichrist.”)

Those who argue for the use of torture do so because they are convinced it is pragmatic for national security. But Christians are not called to be pragmatists or even safe. Christians are called by Jesus to imitate a God who is kind and merciful to the wicked.

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4 comments on “You Cannot Be Christian and Support Torture

  1. Y’know…one would think this was obvious? Has it gotten to the place where subjects such as this need to be discussed?

    I guess, in this day and age of compromise and theological confusion, someone somewhere has brought up the issue of, ‘Should we as a church support the use of torture?’

    A Christian, follower of Christ, slave of Jesus should distance himself from anyone or anything that does not line up with the Christ he is supposedly serving.

    This is not rocket science, people!

    Hope you’re doing better, sister…continuing to pray for you.

    • Paul, the same thought went through my mind. Who would have ever believed a day would come when a topic such as ‘torture’ would even be debated at Christian blogs and boards? From my position it’s a no-brainer’…Christians should not and CAN NOT ever support the torturing of another living creature!

      Thanks and God bless you for continuing to pray Paul. I’m not ashamed to admit i need it…especially this week.

    • The strength of God for His children…rely on Him for everything…God will show show Himself faithful to His own.

    • Amen Paul, Amen!

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