How much of our foreign policy is a subchapter of our Israel policy?

Question asked and answered in this revealing article at Mondoweiss:

In the last week, two conversations on television suggest that the idea that the Iraq war was undertaken because of concern for Israel’s security is now conventional wisdom among the chattering classes…..

See: Hillary Clinton’s decision to support Iraq war was driven by Israel concern, Chris Matthews says 


2 comments on “How much of our foreign policy is a subchapter of our Israel policy?

  1. I believe that most of America understands or at least realises anything that might affect Israel, the United States will be in there somewhere? We know that no matter who supposedly starts anything, Israel or the surrounding Arab countries, the U.S. will be there no matter what. At least we know before Obama got in. I believe that the U.S. will still support them if a war breaks out. I don’t really think Obama would actually step away from supporting, helping or defending Israel if war breaks out. Even though Israel today is not Biblical, the U.S. is still going to help no matter what, it wouldn’t be right to let Israel get annihilated whether or not this is Biblical. My point is that even the whole world knows that part of our foreign policy revolves around Israel, this isn’t any big secret or anything?

    • What deeply disturbs me aagrove, is the power Israel has over our congress and senate–our government period. Our elected officials, elected to put the welfare of America first, are so much under the control of the leaders of Israel, their decisions are no longer based on what’s best for America (first), but what’s best for Israel. Don’t know about you but i didn’t vote to send someone to Washington to put the interests of Israel (or any-other) foreign nation first. But this is what has occurred. Money plays a HUGE part in this…

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