To News or Not to News?

Something I personally wrestle with every day now.

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3 comments on “To News or Not to News?

  1. Dear PJ; this is a great question. Do I spend too much time perusing news and getting upset about it? Or should I dig my head in the sand and let God handle it?

    I don’t know whether my curiosity is a bad trait or a good one. My carnal nature is that I must know what’s going on. But, I believe my spiritual nature (which needs much teaching always) uses the world’s news as a template, so I can compare God’s Word to what is happening today. I rejoice that His Word is faithful and true and that the prophecies are being unveiled before our eyes; it helps my faith. Yet, I have to mourn with those who mourn and pray for victims of evil, and pray for peace. Every news item I read, I have to know it’s imperative to pray in my small way for those people who are in danger, or who may need salvation.

    I felt guilty at times, getting involved in discussions on the web. Yet, I believe I can do some good, even on liberal sites, and ask the Lord to guide me in saying the right things, yet watching my words carefully, of which I sometimes fail, but always trying my best.
    I’ve had discussions with many different people, all wishing the world would be a peaceful place, looking at the hypocrisy of some conservatives who are rabid and unmerciful in their thinking, and they’ve brought up discussions of the Bible and look at passages, trying to figure out for themselves how angry political christians are misinterpreting the Bible. The Bible says this is the beginning of wisdom for those who seek these answers and look to the Word, and the next step could be a one-on-one meeting with Jesus. Praise God! We know He works in mysterious ways.

    Phil. 4:5: “Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.” If I practice ‘moderation’ and not let passions get the better of me, it goes a long way.

  2. I really believe that just about everybody “watches” the news. Some get it from diverse sources (which is my preference). Others get it from a source which matches their particular political ideology. And still others get it via social media or email. The advantage of getting it via diverse sources is that it allows you to have your preconceived notions challenged on a regular basis and get a better picture of what is going on in the world. That is why I am both a Fox News regular AND a Huffington Post regular. Additionally I try to keep tabs on the international media. On the other hand some people get all their “news” via email and doing it this way can approach getting the news from the tabloid press. That can be a problem when as citizens of a democracy, the degree to which we are informed will affect our voting habits and ultimately affect our quality of life and level of religious freedom in the country we call home. Ultimately we have to process the news through the lens of scripture and not the other way around as some are prone to do. I believe very strongly that the role of the church is to preach the gospel and not to engage in activism. But I also believe that as citizens of a secular democracy, we have a responsibility to engage with our government in an appropriate way when we have the opportunity to speak up for the disenfranchised and the suffering people of this fallen world.

    • Hi George…

      I limit my news consumption. One reason is because of the lying spirit which has been set loose upon the world. I never take as true, anything i watch, read, or hear, at face value. Even things i post now are at least confirmed by 3-4 other sources. And even then…..

      Also i limit my intake because i’ve found it will damage me spiritually to consume too much, for in today’s world, 99% of it is negative: promoting doubt, fear, and the spirit of the world.

      (Nice to hear from you)

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