Patriotism is Harlotry

This article was shared at facebook by Teresa Cassie under a post in which the “big block-buster film” American Sniper is being discussed. Hope you’ll read it. As I wrote there, America’s reaction to this film shows me we’ve reached the bottom of the barrel, folks. And what the author of this article below (which was written 2 years back) says, is true.

Written by one who used to be fervent and violent patriot. But Christ delivered me…

Social consensus cannot grant moral legitimacy to military members or their actions. As Christians if we accept this argument then we are guilty of embracing another law-source. Our ethic at that point is derived from another authority, one that sets up a moral code contrary to the Kingdom of God.

This is a form of apostasy often called idolatry and in particular a form of spiritual harlotry. The world tempts us and entices away from the Kingdom of Truth. Rather than be a faithful bride we turn and find fulfillment elsewhere. Satan offers us the kingdoms of the world and great power. He can even hide it behind false Scriptural exegesis. But unlike Christ all too many who claim to be his followers are quick to take it. When they do so, they embrace a multitude of theological errors and a new moral code that teaches allegiance to power.

And they’re quite proud of it. In fact many will be celebrating it during the next several weeks as our society navigates what I call the Patriotic Liturgical Season. From Memorial Day to Flag Day to the celebration of rebellion on July 4…American Churches will set up the banners of Babylon and sing hymns to the Beast they’ve confused with Zion. Many recognize America is quickly turning into Sodom-Babylon, if they would read Romans 1 they would find out why this is happening.

Their so-called Christian country has precious few Christians in it and the Church has sold itself to do wickedness. The state of things at present is simply Divine Judgment. You can’t worship power, violence and money and expect to be left morally intact and escape decadence. This nation is receiving its just desserts. The apostasy in the Church, the fact that is subscribes to this idolatry, yea even promotes it, is God sent delusion…

The Church of Jesus Christ is celebrating men and women taking up weapons, bringing violence to people in other lands, destabilizing their societies, overthrowing their governments and raining death from the air, land and sea. And somehow it’s for God and country?

Constantine and Charlemagne would be proud and Satan is surely laughing with delight…

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10 comments on “Patriotism is Harlotry

  1. Wow, these words from the article cut me and gave me another insight into how Satan’s world tempts me too! “…The world tempts us and entices away from the Kingdom of Truth. Rather than be a faithful bride we turn and find fulfillment elsewhere. Satan offers us the kingdoms of the world and great power. He can even hide it behind false Scriptural exegesis. But unlike Christ all too many who claim to be his followers are quick to take it. … .” I immediately thought about how Satan came and tempted Jesus and He never yielded. I shamefully cannot say I, after being tempted, at times didn’t find myself resisting but rather “quickly” finding some fulfillment elsewhere than the Kingdom of God.

    In one sense seeing my weakness hurt. In another sense I’m grateful I see my weakness more clearly once again and humbled that Christ died for me too setting me free from the law of sin and death by the Law of the Spirit of Life in Him and doing so without condemnation!

    Thanks for sharing this article, PJ. It showed me again just how easily I can be fooled by lures of the enemy to just accept somethings without regret.

    • Thanks Michael, the contents of the article “cut” me as well.

      I’ve always heard we’re citizens of two worlds as long as we’re on this earth, or until the new heavens and earth arrive. I believe those words are wrong now. As the time is quickly approaching for the return of our Lord, we are being forced to choose…..we’re either of God’s Kingdom 100% or we’re not of His Kingdom at all. Our loyalties can no longer be divided.

      So-called Christian Patriotism (or nationalism) has tried to “Christianize” worldly powers: it can’t be done.

  2. Though I have always felt blessed to have been born in America, I have also believed that even pledging allegiance to the FLAG was wrong in regards to being a child of God. All children of God should give all their focus and allegiance and loyalty and faith to God our Father and our Saviour Jesus Christ! All glory to God and Jesus our Lord!

    • Yes, amen aagrove, i agree.

      Some years back i put up a post concerning the American flag being displayed in churches: i was against it. The long thread which resulted in this post (many comments) had many who disagreed with me. It was an interesting topic but if i recall, it got heated. 🙂

  3. That’s one of most insightful blog posts from “Proto-Protestant”.

    I recently came across this gem:

  4. I was thinking tonight on the film “American Sniper” and some comments Megyn Kelly had made awhile back (a fox news host).

    It so happens I am taking a Capstone class that has the South, and conceptions of the South, as a focus. Ordinarily I do not take everything they teach very seriously (“Queer” theory and theorists get a whole lot of praise, along with many other dubious academicians who tend to be entirely enemies of God, saying things like “praise the goddess! Pray to your (literal) mother!”), but I found that one particular article I read from a British fellow was quite correct in his observations on the south (which applies to conservatism in general, which seems to be Southern in spirit). His focus was on analyzing Southern Rock, but he noted the following:

    1) Conservatives tend to pride themselves on a dedication to God, on tradition, on family, and a seemingly community-minded spirit.

    2) But, yet, Southern tradition also has the dual tradition of ultra-manliness, drinking, smoking, swearing, and womanizing (he cited old sources that would complain about the epidemic of bar room brawls and prostitution in the south about a hundred years ago), all of which show up in Southern Rock music.

    You can see both of these things in the film American Sniper. A seeming respect for God, yet embracing the profane at the same exact time. The film starts off telling about Chris’s life as an adult, showing him drinking and breaking up with a girlfriend he presumably was having unmarried sex with. He also punches some guy in the face who he caught bedding her. (Previously we saw Chris Kyle as a young boy in church, and being taught by a father who encouraged him to use physical violence to stop “evil”). He meets his future-wife in a bar; she gets drunk and vomits outside. Presumably they had sex right away, or, if not right away, not too long after, and definitely before marriage. Later throughout the film, he is extremely profane, lots of curse words, ultra-macho behavior— yet, all of this interwoven with the idea of “This is conservatism– this is a Christian man”.

    Now with Megyn Kelly (this probably happened a few weeks ago, but was on my mind tonight)– it so happens Huckabee (former governor, likely perpetual Presidential candidate) was on the program defending himself from allegedly making sexist comments. He had written in his book that young men and women of today were prone to fornication, drinking, smoking, using profanity, etc., which disturbed him. To which Megyn Kelly, who usually pretends to be a champion of conservative Christianity, said something like “Governor– trust me, women are doing all of that, trust me,” as if to say “get with the times” (or something like that– I wasn’t playing terribly close attention at the time, and only had my attention called to the TV at the last moment with that strange declaration).

    Now here is something else: the love affair for Vladimir Putin that many conservatives have. In Russia “orthodox values” exist side by side state-run television programs with barely dressed women dancing around. Divorce, of course, is higher in Russia than anywhere else in Europe. They also have an extremely high abortion rate. High rates of alcohol addiction, porn addiction, whatever you can think of.

    All of these facts are ignored, but as long as Putin and Russian society puts up the image of being “culturally Christian,” it’s no problem. Heck, beating homosexuals in the street, as they do in Moscow, is NOT frowned upon by conservatives. It’s “culturally Christian,” and this fully Christian.

    My thought is this: that “conservatism” (not every conservative– but the main steam of it) is obsessed with the appearance of godliness but without any of its power or responsibilities. They are “culturally” Christian, which is to say, not any more Christian than your average Russian Orthodox (whom you can find either passed out somewhere or marching with an icon of Joseph Stalin– and that’s not an exaggeration). They have no problem with even contradicting the holy scriptures and regarding a guy like Mitt Romney as a “Christian,” despite Mormonism’s blatant contradiction of the scripture, provided he meets the standard of “loving [a] God, tradition, family, and [their conception of] community”. (This isn’t to say that they overtly justified Mormon doctrines– they simply hushed up theological differences. Very rarely do these people ever confront the contradictions in their principles.) At the heart of all of this, and this is an important point, is Pelagianism. This is the doctrine that original sin does not exist, that no man inherits a sin nature, and that salvation is wrought through one’s personal holiness. This is a Pelagian country in every way, and these are Pelagian Christians, regardless if they openly preach the doctrines of Pelagius. This theology seems to invite macho-conceptions of the self; it promotes pulling yourself up from the bootstraps approach to both our eternal and temporal salvation; it spreads self-righteousness and hypocrisy, and lowers or obfuscates the concept of sin; for the Pelagian cannot save himself if moral perfection is impossible, and no Pelagian ever really believes he is in danger of going to hell– thus sin must be redefined, the profane must walk side by side the sacred, in order to accommodate the actual life-style of these people.

    These are “Christians” who do not know what grace means, and that is why they can sit there and say that they “love and believe in Christ,” yet at the same time idolize people who are only superficially Christian (for to embrace Christian “values” of faith, tradition and family as they define it is our new works-righteousness. If you believe in these things, you’re saved!).

    • What you just described Ricardo, is the main type of so-called American Christianity being practiced today. At least what passes for conservative Evangelical “Christianity” in America today. Sounds like Russia is traveling down the same path.

      A pastor friend put this up at facebook today…of course he was being sarcastic, but the tragedy is there are many so-called American Christians who actually follow this “theology”. Change a couple words around and it could apply to the type of Russian theology you’re talking about:

      This morning we will be discussing Biblical theology. Here is a synopsis of what you should know. This comes directly from Jesus.

      Love Jews – hate Muslims
      Love America – hate Russia
      Love capitalism – hate socialism
      Love yourself – hate haters
      Love conservatism – hate liberalism
      Love the founding fathers – hate illegal immigrants

      Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. You can go to lunch now and practice your theology.

    • That’s a perfect run down of how they define themselves. Note the one that says “love Jews hate Muslims.” In Crimea, the Russians are using the SAME propaganda against Muslims that the right-wing here does. That Islam is a parasite; that it is inherently dangerous. Right now the Russians are kidnapping the Tatars from their homes, off of streets, where ever, torturing people and leaving their bodies to rot in the wilderness. I spoke with a right-wing fellow who, upon hearing this, said “So what?” and hinted that these actions should be done in Europe and the United States to against Muslims, because it is the “only solution.”

      This is not to say, of course, that I do not want Muslims to become Christians. But I want that in the same way I want every Buddhist to be born again in Christ, or every Atheist, or Hindu. Oh, and every Jew too! For no one who denies the Son has the Father either, regardless of what Hagee has to say about it.

    • Hope that right-wing guy you spoke to didn’t claim to be a Christian. What a thing to say about such brutality! (so what?)

      Its a funny thing Ricardo, i began to notice all the right-wing advocates from a number of Countries parrot each other. If you read the things they say, believe, etc…it all sounds the same. You know i frequent Israeli news sites. The right-wing newspapers, which quote their politicians, sound (now) like the Russians and the RW nuts here in America. Its almost like they’re all using the same propaganda playbook!

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