Church-Goers Losing Interest in Partisan Religion

Excellent message by Buff Scott Jr. at Apostasy Watch.

If you’re a News addict, as I am, you have heard the report that a large number of church-goers and religious zealots have “given up the ship” and are no longer supporting and promoting partisan religion. Catholicism is losing more ground than her counterpart, Protestantism, as per the report.
The report indicates that many past believers no longer show interest in Christianity, and that churches across the country are feeling the pinch monetarily and in attendance.
Well, I’ve got news for those News reporters and Networks. In general, believers are not surrendering their allegiance to the God of creation or to the Son of God. Nor are they losing their faith. They have begun to think independently and are surrendering their allegiance to the Religious Establishment or Organized Church.

2 comments on “Church-Goers Losing Interest in Partisan Religion

  1. Thank you for sharing. I agree with the writer. I remember one day in Church Class asking a woman if she would read the whole chapter in question, and while reading ask the Lord to help her understand what is really going on. A well suited man, who I had never seen before looked at me and said: many scholars have read this entire chapter and have agreed upon it’s findings, and who are you anyway? That’s right who am I anyway? I certainly am no scholar, having a Degree only in Business Administration, am not a Certified Teacher, nor do I carry with me my PHD. Mary (the woman) did go home and read the entire chapter, and decided never to come back to Church. Must be a sub-conscience issue with me, because each time I try to write down Church I always have to correct myself; for I tend to write Crutch.

    • Yes i agree with the author too.

      They have begun to think independently and are surrendering their allegiance to the Religious Establishment or Organized Church

      Amen. God is calling many of his own out of the “Religious Establishment”, and causing them to question what they are hearing (or have been taught) by so-called leaders. The Holy Spirit has become their teacher. I especially see this with the younger generation (those in their 20’s-30’s).

      By the way, that man you mentioned sounds like one of the so-called leaders we have today—denying us the right to question anything, just expecting us to take for granted “their” interpretation is correct.

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